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French football fan smashes TV in fit of rage after Karim Benzema loses out to Jorginho in Ballon d’Or ranking

French football fan smashes TV in fit of rage after Karim Benzema loses out to Jorginho in Ballon d’Or ranking

On Monday, football royalty gathered at the Theatre du Chatelet, for the 2021 Ballon d’Or awards ceremony.

With the top prize being picked up for a 7th time by Lionel Messi, the top 30 players according to the voting were announced in a sort of countdown fashion, with the winner eventually being announced at the end.

Millions of fans from all over the world watched on, eagerly waiting to see their favourite player pop up.

It was a similar case for this fan.

This French football fan was clearly rooting for Les Bleus striker Karim Benzema and simply could not hide his disbelief when his ranking was revealed.

Benzema had an excellent run of form last season, scoring crucial goals and often carrying Real Madrid on his shoulders, hence earning the nomination.

However, the odds of him winning the coveted golden ball were low as the likes of Lewandowski and Messi had delivered similar levels of performances but strengthened their case by winning titles.

Another such player was Chelsea midfielder Jorginho. Despite a roller-coaster first half of the season for the Italian, he looked like a player reborn under Thomas Tuchel playing a significant role firstly in Chelsea’s Champions League Winning campaign and then in the Azzurri’s Euro 2020 run.

Hence, accomplishing the feat of winning the two most prestigious titles European Football has to offer. Despite all this, however, the Italian has had his fair share of critics.

This fan certainly seemed to be one of them.

When Benzema was revealed to be 4th on the shortlist, the fan was clearly livid, angrily yelling at the TV. He proceeded to completely lose his bearings after Jorginho was revealed to be number 3.

The sheer anger within prompted him to boot down his own TV! The fan repeatedly kicked at the screen, almost knocking it off the table it sat on. Unnecessary or warranted? Well, that’s up to you, although the poor television set certainly did not deserve this fate.

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