Dutch fans detonate pyro during 5 am training session, prove football fans are crazy

Dutch fans show incredible support as players train at 5 am to beat the curfew

The passion football fans exhibit remains second to none, whether it be a non-league side or a Premier League heavyweight, the support remains just as devoted.

Amateur Dutch side Quick Boys FC were treated to a perfect specimen of this fervent passion following a change in their training schedule.

Positive Covid cases are beginning to surge across Europe as the world enters an all too familiar state of uncertainty again. The Netherlands has also fallen victim to the recent escalation, and hence announced restrictions.

One of these restrictions is the 5 pm to 5 am curfew, which unfortunately disrupts the training schedule of amateur sides in the country.

Players representing amateur sides usually have other day jobs and train in the evening before heading home. These new restrictions nullify that possibility, but Quick Boys FC manager Edwin Grunholz found a solution, by making players train at 5 am before their day jobs commence.

Following this new schedule players have been showing up for training at 5 am and last night received an incredible greeting from their supporters.

Fans flocked to Nieuw Zuid Stadium armed with fireworks and flares, lighting up the stands, making for phenomenal scenes at the training ground.

In this clip, red smoke can be seen blowing across the ground as fireworks light up the sky in the background. The supporters seem to be in full voice, passionately chanting.