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Twitter reacts to Romelu Lukaku speaking in an American accent

Twitter reacts to Romelu Lukaku speaking in an American accent

Amongst the various attributes that Chelsea Striker Romelu Lukaku can lay claim on is one of being a polyglot.

The former Inter Milan striker is fluent in French, German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Flemish, and Italian.

Back in 2019, fans noticed that the Belgian had added to his arsenal as he seemed to be speaking in an American dialect.

Lukaku signed with American sports agency Roc Nation in the same year and probably picked up the New York vernacular during his trips to the United States.

Since then, the Belgian has been spotted hanging out with many rappers including the likes of Moneybagg yo and JAY-Z, and evidently, he’s grabbed onto some of the lingoes.

Be it interviews, podcasts, or videos, the Chelsea striker usually speaks in the New York accent, and his recent move to the London based club has made no difference.

The Belgian alongside fellow Chelsea teammates Mason Mount and Marcus Bertinelli featured in Chelsea’s Christmas Special and throughout the video, Lukaku’s American accent stood out.

A short clip from the video which features the Chelsea men reacting to an intriguing snippet from the upcoming film ‘The King’s Man’ in particular has gone viral.

The snippet ends in a cliffhanger leaving the players in disappointment and disbelief, prompting Lukaku to react by saying “y’all wilding”.

An unapologetic display of Big Rom’s New York accent.

Fans online haven’t been kind to the Belgian’s accent in the past and this instance was no different, with many hilarious takes flooding in.

On the other hand, some fans were essentially okay with it, citing that his multilingual abilities give him enough freedom to pick and choose.