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Twitter reacts to discovering Virgil van Dijk in a Netflix promo

Twitter reacts to discovering Virgil van Dijk in a Netflix promo

Virgil van Dijk is a modern-day great, his towering presence alone in the backline enough to unnerve strikers on any given day.

Aside from his defending skills, the Dutchman seems to have had a flair for acting as well, a fact that remained hidden until very recently.

Van Dijk took to Instagram to reveal the promo for the new season of Netflix show ‘Undercover’, and fans can’t seem to make sense of the fact that the Liverpool centre back features in it rather heavily.

The trailer shows two fictional characters accosting Van Dijk, who is playing himself, over the possibility of having the defender start for PSV in a match against Ajax. 

The Oranje international then argues why he simply can’t join the Dutch club, given his obligations to his current club Liverpool. Eventually, however, the defender appears to concede, agreeing to help out the duo, albeit in uncertain terms.

It’s also not clear if Van Dijk will actually make an appearance in the show that premiered back in 2019. Regardless, the show promoters have really hit the right spot by making use of the Dutchman as a promotional piece, with social media going berserk following the trailer reveal.

Many fans appeared genuinely filled with wonder after seeing the centre back’s acting chops, with a coterie of supporters believing him to be a perfect fit for playing the role of double agent, Bond.

In fact, one fan even went to the lengths of claiming Van Dijk to be “the greatest actor ever”, besides being “the greatest centre back”.

You just know that Salah’s contract issues weren’t going to be left behind.

Though, it’s safe to say that the appearance left football fans mainly confused.

The 30-year-old Dutch captain hasn’t featured in a couple of Liverpool’s recent fixtures after recording a positive test for COVID.

Fortunately for fans, reports suggest he might be available for Liverpool’s next game on December 28 against the Foxes.