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Twitter reacts to bizarre arm celebration from Aymeric Laporte

Twitter reacts to bizarre arm celebration from Aymeric Laporte

Manchester City Aymeric Laporte certainly isn’t the most avid goalscorer in the Cityzens ranks, despite that, whenever the 27-year-old does manage to register his name on the scoresheet, he makes it memorable simply via his bizarre celebration.

He busted out his trademark celebration once again during Man City’s hard-fought win at Brentford.

A rather cagey game by City’s high standards, a difference of one goal split the two teams going into the final minutes of the 90.

Laporte headed home a brilliant delivery by Kevin De Bruyne in the 86th, all but ensuring the 3 points for City.

The goal itself was later disallowed due to offside after a VAR check, but not before Laporte executed his peculiar celebration.

This wasn’t the first occasion that Laporte has showcased his celebration, but like before, it hasn’t received kind comments from fans online.

The manoeuvre itself involves a strange crisscrossing of the arms in rapid fashion, very much akin to a dance move.

And coincidentally, the celebration does originate from the ‘Tecktonik’ or ‘Electro’ dance form. In an interview, Laporte revealed that he enjoyed the dance form as a kid and hence decided to celebrate his goal in that manner considering the child-like exuberance that takes over him upon finding the back of the net.

As mentioned before, the celebration has its fair share of critics and another display of the bizarre celebration led to some brutal takes from fans online.

Some users suggested that the goal was disallowed simply due to the abysmal celebration.

Whereas others began comparing it to an animated octopus.

City fans on the other hand are all for the celebration, and they quickly took to Twitter to back up their number 14.

Two City fans even recreated the celebration to the best of their abilities during a watch along the stream of the game, prompting the man himself to take notice.