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John Terry slammed for constantly pushing NFTs on Twitter

John Terry slammed for constantly pushing NFTs on Twitter

Chelsea Legend John Terry’s 3 months long Twitter stint so far has certainly been eventful.

The former English international often recounts fond old memories and of course, takes constant digs at Tottenham Hotspur.

However, when the 41-year-old isn’t preoccupied with those, he’s usually advertising NFT’s, in particular ones of the popular Ape Kids Club.

For the unversed, AKC is a collection of digital artwork sold online, the prices of which vary.

It’s certainly not the only one of its kind, a popular example is the Bored Ape Yacht Club, which has the endorsement of many popular celebrities behind it.

Aside from the rarity in traits, the value of the digital apes does increase with influence and hype, which is why it’s a common sight to see influencers and celebrities endorse them.

Terry has certainly jumped aboard the bandwagon, and fans are pissed, to say the least.

A simple scroll through Terry’s Tweets reveals a plethora of posts regarding NFTs.

From welcoming the likes of Tammy Abraham, Marco Verratti, Willian etc onto the NFT train to changing his profile picture to one, Terry has seemingly gone a tad overboard.

While some in the mainstream media will have you convinced that NFTs are the future, wise-minded folks on Twitter say otherwise and ask to proceed with caution.

Many users online are convinced that these collections are actually Ponzi schemes, and contain no credibility beyond the ‘bubble’ they have created.

Keeping this in mind, Terry’s constant advertising has drawn quite a bit of flak from even his own fans.

The NFT chatter has some fans at their wit’s end, and they are essentially begging Terry to stop.