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UEFA back down from taking legal action over Champions League-themed pizza

UEFA back down from taking legal action over Champions League-themed pizza

The UEFA Champions League as a property is one of the biggest in football.

Keeping aside the prestige and history that surrounds the title itself, the league attracts millions of viewers every year and hosts some of the most iconic moments in football.

As such, any association with the property is highly sought after, and UEFA being aware of their biggest asset do their best to protect it.

Their methods and policies seem to have gotten a tad aggressive going by this bit of news.

The European football Federation took aim at a small Pizzeria based in Germany and accused them of copyright infringement.

The subject of outrage was a pizza named the ‘Champignons League’, which is topped with mushrooms and olives hence earning its name which translates to ‘Mushroom League’ in English.

The accused is a pizzeria named Pizza Wolke and they are located in the town of Giessen, they shared a letter sent by UEFA on their Instagram.

A line in it stated, “we would like to inform you that in the present matter we are representing UEFA. Proper authorisation is vigorously assured by a lawyer”.

Naturally, the reactions to this were of wonderment and confusion, after all, UEFA’s reasoning certainly is bizarre.

Fortunately, justice was served as the organisation realized the overzealous nature of their complaints.

Pizza Wolke recently uploaded another letter sent by UEFA, one which essentially confirms their content with the two entities leaving existing together.

The letter stated, “the UEFA Champions League can live happily alongside this delicious-sounding Pizza”.

Perhaps there is hope for this world after all.