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USMNT fans respond hilariously to White House chants by Canadians

USMNT fans respond hilariously to White House chants by Canadians

Forget USA vs Mexico, there’s a new feisty rivalry taking shape in the CONCACAF regions.

While not entirely new, the rivalry between the USMNT and their neighbours in the north, Canada, is growing even more spirited.

In recent times, the Canadian national team has proved to be a much more stern opponent to the Americans as compared to before.

Bolstered by their latest crop of talent, which includes the likes of Alphonso Davies, Jonathan David etc, the Canadians are currently leading the World Cup qualifying table.

They further strengthened their position with a 2-0 win over the Americans and their fans are revelling in the occasion.

In this clip which has been doing the rounds, Canadians can be seen chanting about.. well burning down the white house.

For those confused, the chant is a reference to the Burning of Washington which occurred back in 1812.

The event was a part of the British invasion of America and involved a few forces of Canadian origin as they were also a British colony at the time.

Many viewed the event as an act of retribution for the destruction caused by the Americans in upper Canada the previous year.

Many military and government buildings were victims of arson during the Burning, and this included the White House.

In response to the chant, Americans by the looks of it took it in their stride and hilariously referenced their own trespassing of the Capitol building last year.

Hopefully, any future conflicts will be resolved on the pitch rather than off it.