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Canadian streaker suffers most brutal end to his pitch-invading journey

Canadian streaker suffers most brutal end to his pitch-invading journey

The Commonwealth Stadium of Edmonton switched from being a footballing arena to a wrestling pit as a streaker had to face brutal repercussions for invading the pitch.

Canada was host to Costa Rica for the CONCACAF World Cup qualifying encounter on Saturday. Striker Jonathan David emerged as the hero for the Canadians as he scored the solitary goal of the game at the 57th minute, which helped his side clinch the win and remain undefeated after 7 appearances.  

As the match was progressing, a semi-naked man emerged from the crowd and began frantically running around the box, with the pitch-side guards in pursuit. While the invader was able to dodge one of the stewards, he wasn’t as lucky with the other, who dove at him and tackled him through the electronic advertisements.

Viewer’s discretion is advised, as the takedown was quite gruesome and one that looked right out of the UFC textbook.

Twitterati hailed the guard’s diligence at work, who nearly broke the streaker in half with his lunge. Fans reckon that the National Rugby Team of Canada would greatly benefit from the services of the man should he enlist for the job.

As things stand, Canada retains the 3rd position on the table and will be hosting Mexico for their next fixture. 

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