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Such a Cool Dude: Graham Potter sleeping on streets for charity is the big energy we need in 2021

Such a Cool Dude: Graham Potter sleeping on streets for charity is the big energy we need in 2021

Brighton’s local charity “Off the Fence” recently joined hands with a special trio for raising awareness and funds for the homeless population of the city.

Seagulls’ boss Graham Potter along with his assistant Billy Reid and coach Bruno featured on the latest edition of “The Big Sleep Out”, a fundraiser organized by the charity at the St. Peter’s Church for this noble cause.

The event is conducted under simulated conditions with the premise of making one experience homelessness for a night, thereby sensitizing the privileged sections of the city towards the plight of those living on the streets, especially during such testing times of the pandemic.

The Albion manager has already worked his magic on the club. His philosophy of possession and positional play has done wonders to the side, lifting them from the 15th position last season to the 7th position in the Premier League table this year, tied on points with Manchester United. 

Brighton’s miracle comeback to win the game 3-2 against Pep Guardiola’s side, was a testament to the effectiveness of his tactics. It was thus a breath of fresh air to see him partake in such an initiative and contribute off the pitch as well.

Potter highlighted the insightfulness of the event in providing them with a peek into the lives of the homeless community. He stated: “Having experienced just one night out on the street, I cannot imagine what it would be like suffering in this way with no idea of what the future holds or where the next meal might be coming from.”

The 46-year-old also opined that the organizations tending to these vulnerable sections of the society cannot function with full efficacy by themselves unless every individual in a position to do so, lends a helping hand to safeguard these people.

The funds raised from this annual charity event are utilised in providing essential commodities to the unsheltered, and furthering the cause of organisations like Off The Fence which set out in their generous endeavours of supporting those in need.