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Twitter loved Graham Potter shutting down Brighton boo-boys after Leeds draw

Twitter loved Graham Potter shutting down Brighton boo-boys after Leeds draw

Jarring scenes followed after the Brighton vs Leeds match last night. After the end of a largely frustrating game for the Seagulls, which ended in the draw, a small section of Brighton fans expressed their displeasure and booed their team.

Brighton deserved to win, creating multiple chances and hitting the post thrice as Bielsa’s men were lucky to walk away with a point. Brighton’s poor finishing however held them back, Neil Maupay, in particular, missing an absolute sitter.

Whether or not such a performance warrants boos is up to everyone’s individual standpoints. Brighton manager Graham Potter certainly didn’t think so.

After the boos began ringing out, the English Manager looked a perplexed figure. While completing his full-time pleasantries, Potter looked up to the fans in disbelief and continued to shake his head in disapproval muttering “They’re booing!”, under his breath.

He didn’t mince words in his post-match press conference either and reiterated that the side at the moment is punching above its weight as compared to the past. Potter said “They’re entitled to their opinion. I disagree with them.”

“You have to understand the game, you have to understand who we’re playing against, how we played, what we did. I think we’re sitting eighth in the Premier League, but maybe I need a bit of a history lesson at this football club.”

The majority of Brighton fans and football fans in general on Twitter seemed to be in agreement with Potter but stated that perhaps the boos weren’t meant for him and instead were directed at the Brighton forwards.

Last season, Brighton were known to terribly underperform on their XG leading to a 16th place finish. However, this year they seemed to have turned the tide as they won 4 out of their first 5 games in the league.

Unfortunately, last season’s blushes seemed to have returned, Brighton hasn’t won once in the past 8 games, losing twice and drawing six times.