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Young football fans spotted drinking beer in Germany? – Here’s the truth behind viral photo

Young football fans spotted drinking beer in Germany? – Here’s the truth behind viral photo

German leagues have one of the best fan followings that there is no doubt about. For over a decade, Bundesliga and the lower division leagues have led in Europe in terms of match-attendances.

Attributable to reasonable ticket pricing, grand atmosphere and awesome live matches, German football remains second to none. Suffice to say, fans come from all walks of life, both young and old.

A recent photo from a match in 2. Bundesliga has gone viral, showing two young boys holding and relishing what seems to be pitchers containing alcoholic drinks, presumably beer.

The two boys were attending a match between Fortuna Dusseldorf and FC Heidenheim, while the camera caught them in frame with the drinks in hand.

Netizens were soon to point out the incident, some expressing concern while others contented themselves with sarcastic jokes and remarks.

And though it’s easy to understand why, for it does indeed look as though the boys were holding beer pitchers, the truth is nevertheless entirely different.

Apparently, fans in Germany are connoisseurs of Schorle, a popular beverage made by diluting juice with carbonated lemonade. And in all probability, the two boys in the viral photo are relishing Apfelschorle, a variant of Schorle, which is an Apple juice spritzer.

Google Search results of Apfelschorle

The possibility of boys that young drinking beer is next to negligible. And for obvious reasons, stores in and around stadiums wouldn’t sell it to minors.

So, fans can dispense with the beer theory and start doing research a little before drawing such dubious conclusions. If anything, it’ll help stop the online spread of fake news a little.