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Schalke fan steals the show with beer balancing act in the stands

Schalke fan steals the show with beer balancing act in the stands

At the end of last season when FC Schalke was relegated from the Bundesliga after winning 3 matches all season, very few thought they would return to top-flight football anytime soon.

However, the club has bounced back, securing promotion back to the Bundesliga by defeating St. Pauli 3-2. The players had to show great grit and determination to win the match.

Surprisingly it wasn’t the players’ performance or the fact that they secured promotion that caught everyone’s attention. Footage from the stands emerged showing a Schalke fan balancing three beers on his head. Other spectators were paying as much attention, if not more, to the man’s skills compared to the action happening on the pitch.

What’s more amazing is that the man was able to balance these beer glasses even when in motion. He seemed unperturbed even when other fans interacted with him. People on the internet are as amazed and amused as the match-day fans. Some have even made hilarious edits that make the phenomenon appear even more glorious.

As it turns out, this isn’t the first time this gentleman was recorded doing his amazing beer balancing. It seems this act is a regular presence during Schalke games for a long time now. More surprisingly the man is seen balancing even more beers on his head than he was in the most recent instance.

It’s not just the players with exceptional talent in football stadiums. This fan and his antics just highlight how important fans are to football. The pandemic robbed players and supporters alike of the presence of fans in stadiums for nearly two years.

We still had amazing matches and moments despite the matches taking place in an empty stadium. However, with some normalcy restored, fans returning to the stands have only reiterated that the sport is nothing without them.

Bundesliga fans should be excited not only for Schalke’s return to the league but also for the possibility of catching a glimpse of the club’s amazingly skilful fan. Unfortunately, we do not know the identity of this man, but if anyone does happen to meet him in future matches, we hope they buy him a beer!