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The strangest things Gregg Berhalter has done as USMNT coach

The strangest things Gregg Berhalter has done as USMNT coach

We’ve all seen our favourite managers play with the ball when it comes to the sideline. Some of them, like Luis Enrique and Zidane, try to dazzle the crowd with a few tricks. However, the United States Men’s National Team’s head coach, Gregg Berhalter seems to have his own methods.

Berhalter took charge of the national team in 2018 and his coaching skills have been under intense scrutiny since then. However, we aren’t talking about his coaching skills today and we shall be talking about his bizarre back-bounce pass.

A few users on Twitter pointed out Berhalter’s weird way of returning the ball back into the pitch.

Berhalter does a sleek behind-the-back ball bounce that is hilarious and surprisingly awesome at the same time.

No one knows the actual reason as to why he does this and it has kept fans of the national team confused for a very long time.

In addition to that weird habit, Berhalter was pictured taking a selfie with fans while the game against Honduras was still going on.

Moreover, Berhalter said the United States Men’s National Soccer Team was the much more dominant side in their 2-0 loss against the Canadian football team a few days back which is a bizarre statement that has been pointed out by many people all over the internet.

Twitter users have ridiculed Berhalter but small things like that are what make the game truly special in some way. However, it seems that Berhalter clearly needs to focus more on improving the United States national team instead of perfecting his back-bounce pass.