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A visual odyssey through the museum that is John Terry’s trophy room

A visual odyssey through the museum that is John Terry’s trophy room

Chelsea legend John Terry can boast of having a remarkable career filled with silverware, he can also proudly reflect on the fact that he’s one of the greatest defenders the Premier League has seen. 

Somewhat related to these is another impressive fact about the former English international. 

He has a marvellous study. 

Before you brush off our claims, we implore you to simply take a peek at this lustrous room.

Terry has often shared peeks of his study, but on this occasion, he shared a more comprehensive view after stating that he can fit all his England caps in one room. 

And as it turned out, his claims were legitimate and the pictures provide proof. 

Numerous England caps can be seen, kept on various shelves. 

Aside from this, the pictures showcase an incredible room fitted with studio lighting and decked out with gleaming accolades which add to a sense of opulence. 

The silverware on display includes both domestic and European trophies, such as the Premier League title, Man of the Match awards, FA cups etc. 

For those wondering where the biggest feather in Terry’s cap (aka the Champions League trophy) is, it sits in the living room rather than the study. 

A tactical board can also be seen, the structure of the pins on it resemble formations as seen on a football pitch. 

The 41-year-old has candidly expressed his desire to pursue a coaching career after leaving his role as Aston Villa’s defending coach. 

And by the looks of it, he seems to be spending his time preparing for a foray into management.