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The away end at Red Star Belgrade is as hostile as it gets

The away end at Red Star Belgrade is as hostile as it gets

Whenever another edition of the UEFA Europa League rolls around, the participating teams include a few names which have become synonymous with the competition, these include the likes of PSV, Dinamo Zagreb, Leverkusen, and Serbia’s famed Red Star Belgrade. 

And every year, an unfortunate participant is handed the tie against the Serbian outfit, one that poses challenges that transcend the boundaries of a football pitch. 

The side’s ultras are renowned for being particularly ferocious, and for creating an extremely hostile atmosphere for the away side and travelling fans. 

Opposition players, aside from the terrifying chants, face the challenge of undertaking a walk through the infamous tunnel, narrow in shape and plastered with graffiti, the tunnel is aimed at instilling fear and inducing a sense of claustrophobia. 

The journey to the Rajko Mitic Stadium is similarly brutal for away fans, and this clip provided additional insight into the hostility Rangers fans are set to face during their visit. 

The clip displays an abysmal looking away end, fit with white chairs littered with filth and just a blatant lack of hygiene everywhere you look. 

Comfort is firmly a far-fetched notion as some of these plastic chairs are quite literally broken, ensuring that many Gers fans will opt to stand for the entirety of the fixture. 

Visiting fans are also set to face an exhaustive journey to the venue, as they will be required to follow certain guidelines issued by Serbian Police. 

To avoid any clashes with the home support, fans have advised against travelling alone wearing Rangers’ colours or even staying out in the capital past 11 pm.

After the conclusion of the game, the away support will face a holdback of up to 2 hours until coaches are permitted to take them back. 

Rangers head into the fixture with a 3-0 advantage, but seeing out the ferocious Serbian outfit will be easier said than done.