Spartak Moscow Roast Bayern Munich for Lowballing Liverpool on Sadio Mane

When it comes to official Twitter accounts of Football clubs, very few do it better than Spartak Moscow. The Russian outfit are the most successful club in their country, and has won a record 12 Russian Premier Liga titles. 

Yet, a number of fans came to learn about them due to the hilarious antics of their Twitter account.

The admins leaned into it, and now it often functions as a meme account, chiming in with their takes on the various happenings in the Football world. 

They managed to produce yet another viral Tweet by applying a spin on the ongoing Sadio Mane transfer saga. 

The Senegalese star is seeking to depart the Reds after a highly successful term, with Bayern Munich reportedly being his preferred destination. The Bavarians, who currently face the likely prospect of Robert Lewandowski leaving, are in the market for attacking reinforcements, with Mane being an obvious candidate. 

However, their reported offers to Liverpool convert convey a lack of sincerity, as the initial one came in at a measly £21m. Talk about low-balling it. 

After a stern no from the Reds, the German side returned with a £30m offer. 

However, a significant sum from the offer depended on some ambitious add-on clauses, to say the least. 

In order to get the complete 30, Mane will have to win the converted Ballon d’Or alongside the UEFA Champions League, both in the next 3 years. Naturally, the implausible offer was laughed off by Liverpool, meaning Bayern will have to do better. 

The transfer saga was all football fans were talking about, giving Spartak Moscow the perfect opportunity for some engagement. 

They shared an image which has now gone viral, displaying a satirical transfer offer from Bayern Munich for their star striker Alexander Sobolev. 

A meagre fee of just €1000 is backed up by some equally far-fetched add-ons, such as Bayern winning the Eurovision contest, or Manchester United lifting a trophy. 

To ensure that users understand its sarcastic nature, a scribbled signature sits at the bottom right, one that can only be drawn by a 5 year old. 

The saga is far from over, and we expect further turns in the tale. Hopefully, Spartak’s Twitter account continues to keep an eye on it as well.