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Oops: Celtic Admin Posts Personal Update On Official Instagram Account

Oops: Celtic Admin Posts Personal Update On Official Instagram Account

In the social media age, it’s important for football clubs to remain in touch with their fanbase. When you consider just how quickly opinions sway on Football Twitter, it becomes a priority for clubs to keep track of online trends. These responsibilities often fall upon the PR teams of various clubs, who constantly work on new ways to interact with and expand their audiences. 

As for the person typing out the messages that pop on your feed, well they’re the star of the show. From rallying fans online to roasting rival accounts, they do it all, and yet it’s unlikely fans will ever know who they are. The fact is truly ironic, especially as social media admins essentially interact with the fanbase on a club’s behalf. 

Nevertheless, these mysterious individuals often earn plenty of fanfare, just look at Spartak Moscow’s Twitter

Luckily for Celtic fans, they actually found out who the person behind their Instagram page is, albeit by accident. 

It all came to light yesterday when the club’s Instagram page posted a picture, which was certainly out of place. It featured a woman, and a plate with two rather skinny trout on it, the caption said, ‘Excuse me, I asked for the large fish!’. 

A classic case of the failed switcheroo, the woman clearly forgot to swap accounts and instead posted on the club’s official page. The botch was quickly deleted, it was too late however, Celtic FC officially had a face reveal. 

Hoops fans seemed to welcome the mistake and some light-hearted jokes were shared. Most fans actually found the fish to look rather appetizing, so perhaps the admin got that one wrong.