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Borussia Dortmund break into Nigerian fanbase after shoutout from Davido

Borussia Dortmund break into Nigerian fanbase after shoutout from Davido

The modern world is fueled by social media, global corporations invest heavily in maintaining a positive PR image, increasing interactions and attracting new audiences. 

Similarly, football Clubs also hold global appeal, and aside from silverware, they too strive for attracting new audiences in order to increase their brand and by extension, their revenue.

It’s common to see European Clubs collaborate with popular figures, or even go on pre-season tours to achieve this. 

However, German Heavyweights Borussia Dortmund opted for a different strategy, and its effectiveness made other methods look futile. 

Through their Twitter account, the Black and Yellow strengthened their ties with Nigerian fans by simply interacting with a Naija Celeb.

The Twitter account initially posted two images of Dortmund players joyously choking each other (not too tightly we hope) during celebrations, along with the caption ‘E Choke’ and also tagged Nigerian singer Davido.

 They followed this up by referencing the singer’s global hit ‘Fall’, by switching up the chorus to ‘BVB falllll on youuuuu’. 

Davido soon responded directly, and tweeted ‘Clear Road’, and just like BVB became the talk amongst Nigerian Footy fans.

A short while later, they Tweeted pictures of former Dortmund players of Nigerian nationality, and captioned it with ‘BVB loves Naija’. 

And just like that, the German outfit delivered a clinic in how to expand Twitter interactions.

We’re willing to bet that their strategy had been in the think tank for a while, and it certainly appears to be extremely successful. 

Their efforts have earned them a number of new followers, and their Twitter account welcomed them with this Tweet.