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Twitter reacts as Just Stop Oil activist cables himself to Goodison goalpost

Twitter reacts as Just Stop Oil activist cables himself to Goodison goalpost

Aside from being an exhilarating game of football, the fixture between Newcastle United and Everton went viral for a different reason. 

One would think the last gasp winner or Frank Lampard injuring his hand in celebration would grab all the headlines, but instead, it was 21-year-old Louis Mckechnie. 

Louis is a supporter of the ‘Just Stop Oil’ group, and during the fixture at Goodison Park, he ran onto the pitch and cable-tied himself to the goalpost, leading to astonishing scenes.

The organisation, which are also linked with groups such as Insulate Britain and Extinction Rebellion, describes itself as a “coalition of groups working together to demand that the government immediately halt all future licensing and consents for the exploration, development and production of fossil fuels in the UK.”

Wearing a bright orange t-shirt which said ‘Just Stop Oil’, the protestor’s actions led to a stoppage in play, and astonishing scenes followed. 

Ground staff quickly gathered around Louis and had to utilise a pair of giant bolt cutters to cut through the cable, after which Louis was lifted off the pitch. 

The clip of the proceedings is certainly going to go down as unforgettable, and users who witnessed it flooded Twitter with reactions. 

‘Is that you, Harry?’ 

A glance at the 21-year-old and the resemblance becomes obvious. Round Rimmed glasses, untidy black hair (length similar to a teenage Harry’s), green eyes, the parallels between ‘The Chosen One’ and Louis are apparent, and users on Twitter delivered some hilarious takes fusing the 2 worlds together. 

References to Pep – 

These came in two flavours, the first one threw shade at Pep Guardiola’s decision to not include a DM for the Champions League final against Chelsea, a decision which ultimately proved fatal. 

The day of Louis’ antics coincided with the UCL quarter-final draw, with Man City being placed against Atletico Madrid.

As far as footballing philosophies go, there couldn’t be a wider contrast between the two. Guardiola’s free-scoring side will face a stern challenge against Simeone’s stubborn low-block, and this Tweet utilizes footage of the staff member vigorously attempting to cut through the cable ties to illustrate the effort required. 

‘I’m the manager’ – 

Who remembers Kepa refusing to follow his manager’s instructions on live TV?

Probably everyone. 

The Spaniard’s refusal upon being asked to leave the pitch by Maurizio Sarri was likened to Louis’ denial of leaving the goal post in this Tweet. 

Classic Lampard – 

A staple during his managerial stint at Chelsea, Lampard, with a wide grin, firstly delivered a cheeky one-liner, before snapping back to utmost sincerity, refocusing himself and his train of thought. 

The trend has continued at Everton, and fans have witnessed Lampard’s sincere jesting on a few occasions. In this take, the user borrows Lampard’s formula and references the whopping 18 minutes of added time.