Daily Record admin maligns Celtic legend while showing clear bias towards Rangers on Facebook

While managing football accounts it’s imperative that admins remain neutral and do not let their personal allegiances cloud the integrity of their work.

But one of admins of the Daily Record’s Facebook page clearly couldn’t keep their emotions out of the way while posting a story featuring Celtic legend Gary Caldwell’s recent comments about Gers captain James Tavernier.

The team handling the social media wing of the Scottish tabloid has been facing the wrath of Hoops fans after an admin made a personal comment mocking the Hoops legend while using the official account of Daily Record.

The incident came in the aftermath of Celtics’ 1-0 win over the Gers in the Scottish League Cup final after Caldwell called out the current Rangers captain, who he had managed at Wigan Athletic, for his lack of leadership qualities during an interview with BBC.


The clearly biased comment on Facebook has led Hoops fans to question the integrity of the team handling Daily Record’s Facebook page and many on Twitter have called for action to be taken against those responsible.

Absolute lapse from the admins! Check out the comment from Daily Record admin here:



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