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Celtic fan claims referee bias towards Rangers with this 150 second video of the second half

Celtic fan claims referee bias towards Rangers with this 150 second video of the second half

Rangers gained some major ground in the title race after their solid 1-0 win over bitter rivals Celtic last Saturday and are now behind the Champions only on goal difference in the points table.

Ryan Jack’s side-footed strike proved to be the difference between the two sides at Ibrox as Steven Gerrard’s men dealt Brendan Rodgers what was only his first defeat in 13 Old Firm games.

But following the game one particular Hoops fan seemed to be of the opinion that the Gers had some unfair assistance from the referee over the course of the 90 minutes.

He even posted an edited video showing parts of the match where he felt that John Beaton wasn’t doing his job properly and highlighted several incidents showing what he felt was a possible bias from the ref against the away team.

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  1. Bring in Foreign Officials.Problem Solved.That way there wont be Any Hunest Mistakes.HH..They will do anything to Stop 10 In A Row.They constantly Obsess over child abuse.Its football ffs,Idiots that drag BS into it need there heads examined.

    • Marcel says:

      What does shouting and ruining a minutes silence for mostly dead kids have to do with football?

      What does waving Banners about he IRA have to do with football?

      What does waving Palestinian banners have to do with football?

      What does singing about Lee Rigby have to do with football?

      What does hanging effegies have to do with football?

      Typical Celtic fan, Couldnt give you a lot a brass neck with a blow torch..Spent every second you could laughing at Barton and Iain Blacks gambling problems and mental health then cry like little women when the shoe is on the other foot…

      You know what…I am actually embarassed for you!

      As for Foreign refs, Who will let Ryan Christie away with his diving every week?, who will help Scott Brown get away with being the dirtiest wee shitebag in Scottish fitba? I know Celtic and Liewell have their fingers int he SFA but Foreign refs might cause an upset for you.

      Septic FC – Always cheated never defeated, Always have been and always will be in Rangers shadows. Except off course when we are down the leagues and you lot are running around having the brass neck to claim your on 7 in a row hahahaha.

      Get yerself up the road ya’ve humiliated yourself.

      p.s – There is a sale on in Asda, 3 cans of Lynx for £2…Get some. Your groundsman will be delighted!

  2. Steve says:

    Granted Rangers played better on the day but that doesn’t excuse the referee for poor decisions which was very biased, you then have to consider the pictures that have been disclosed on social media of the referee in a Rangers pub and question how can the SFA allow someone with this sort of loyalty to one team be a referee. Maybe Scottish teams need to pay for foreign referees aswell as VAR through their own pocket to end the corruption and biased decisions.

    • seb says:

      Guess you are a bit late to the party but the pics of the guy in the Rangers pub wasn’t actually the ref! oh dear – Some people will believe anything eh.

      But don’t let the real facts stop you being outraged..

      • Steve says:

        Real facts are Refs have been found to be bigots (past and present) and that’s a fact. Yes Rangers were better on the day but when you have blatant stamps and challenges that in the rules are regarded as wreckless and warrant a red, then you expect the referee to do his job, not turn a blind eye, and like I also said if teams were to pay for foreign referees and VAR how many games do you think your team would actually win? My guess would be a lot less, but let’s face it, when your old club have been allowed to keep titles by the football authorities when facts proved that they cheated, then it’s safe to say that football in Scotland is corrupt to the core.

        • Seb says:

          So you reply is basically saying – I’m a silly sausage to pass off lies from Celtic fans in a comments section and got called out and now I’m just gonna make a new argument and pretend that never happened….Okey Dokey Sailor, okey dokey.

          So he was a bigot for letting Morelos off AND a bigot for letting Scott Brown off for umpteen challenges and an off the ball elbow? Was the ref that let Scott Brown off whilst standing watching him elbow Naismith off the ball in a Hearts game a bigot? What about his blatant elbow on Morelos in the last old firm game in front of a ref without being punished? Can’t the just be bad refs? Where the people who upheld Candieas ridiculous red card Bigots or just protecting their own bad refs? Rangers have been on the wrong end of more bad and ridiculous decisions in the last two seasons than any club in the SPFL – Many pens this season alone we been wrongly denied, many goals wrongly chopped off? Many red cards rescinded after having to play for an hour or more with 10 men?? Your argument is totally biased and wrong…way wrong. If you really want to look at the facts, dig out incidents where Scott Brown has kicked, stamped, elbowed players over the last 3 or 4 seasons and got away with it and then come back and tell me the refs are obviously bigots in Celtics favour…My guess is you’d rather change your argument to them just being bad refs at that point eh?

          Agreed about foreign refs, VAR is too expensive I think?

          • Seb says:

            FTQ – Scott Brown is the dirtiest player in Scottish football and has been for years – By a mile!

            Are the refs biased for letting him away for so much over the years or does that not matter because he isn’t a Rangers player. Your argument is a joke…Morelos can be a dirty player but he done nothing more than what Scott Brown down to him in the last old firm(elbow smash, bodychecking him, trying to wind him up) Ref let him away with every one of them so don’t try play victim now that he has finally been put in his place and got shown up for the little thuggish shitebag he always was!

            Put in his place – Shits his pants – Decides he might want to play in Australia now. Aw diddums.

            Still waiting on him being dragged up for his rake down the young Aberdeens player calf in the cup final….suppose the biased refs for Celtic made sure it was missed eh?

          • Seb says:

            FTQ – Sorry but check your facts. Not ONE former ref has ever came out and said they hate Celtic. They might support other teams but they certainly never came out and declared as hatred for Celtic. Thats a myth that Celtic fans use to play victim.(ironic eh). Is the ref that sent Candieas of a diehard Celt? He could certainly be accused of being one since he has on more than one occassion wrongly denied Rangers a penalty, or sent a player off before it got rescinded. I could go on but I won’t. Don’t let your tiny mind confuse the fact refs might be football fans of one team and can referee and not let it affect their performance as a ref. Scott Brown is a diehard Rangers fan, does that affect his performace? Nah didn’t think so.

            And when all is said and done. Rangers ripped Celtic apart for 90 mins…no if’s no but, no maybes and had it not been for your Rangers supporting goalkeeper and the woodwork it would have been 6-0 by half time..

          • Seb says:

            The fact is Morelos just gave Scott Brown back Exactly what he has been doing for years and who has got away from lashing out at Morelos previously so to now accuse refs of being bigots and all the rest of it is utterly nonsensical! – Refs are abysmal in Scotland period, no mystery..
            Or maybe he got into refereeing because his whole goal in life was to help Rangers win matches! So he climbed through the ranks every weekend doing matches down the leagues or whatever in pishing rain, taking abuse from parents and fans, going to courses and all the rest of it and then in the biggest game of the season where he was being watched like a hawk he decides to reveal his dastardly plan in front of the biggest TV audience of the season and everyone else and makes Celtic lose the match. Was he in the changing room after it giving it the old mwaah haa haah ha Baddie voice?

            Oh and then after it he decided well now the world knows my plan so Im just gonna put the auld Stone Island jacket on and swagger into a Rangers pub and let people take photos for social media!

            Like all supervillains though he didn’t realise the poor wrongly treated Celtic fans would fight this disgrace by following him and his family, abusing him and taking pics to post on social media and urging other poor wrongly treated Celtic fans to come and abuse him and his family. So much so he had to go to the Police and have the governing bodies issue a warning to Celtic fans to stop it!

            Silly supervillains for ye eh.

            Or perhaps he is just a bad ref that made the wrong calls and tried to let a game flow and not turn into a farce because he had already seen Ryan Christie dive to the ground everytime he was about to lose the ball and decided nah, they are grown men and Scott Brown won’t mind as he does this stuff weekly and has done for years and he didn’t get hurt in the slightest? Nah….does the Stone island wearing supervillain sound more plausible??

          • FTQ says:

            You sound like you wind up at the back kid. lol

          • FTQ says:

            Many refs over the years have came out after retiring showing their hatred towards Celtic,are you trying to say they where unbiast if they took control of a Celtic and rangers game?
            Retired refs Mike McCurry Bobby Davidson, Brian McGinlay, Bob Valentine, David Syme, Hugh Dallas and lets not forget Tiny (masonic handshake with John Gregg)Wharton were all anti Celtic and pro rangers.
            As for Morelos,he gets away with so much that if defies belief,and the mentioned things you say about Scott Brown is nothing compared to that little scumbag.

      • Seb says:

        PS – It wasn’t actully a Rangers pub either…it was two seperate photos stuck together by…well we can all guess what fans would do that eh!

        1- was a pub with big bows on the wall, and no Rangers signs whatesoever.

        2- The other was a Rangers flag on a fence in someones garden.

        3- The guy in stone Island clobber isn’t Beaton.

        • FTQ says:

          Ok Beaton we believe you now after that,the guy in the pic was a clone. Good stuff. LOL

          • Seb says:

            hahaha, No. Don’t clones look like the person/thing they are cloned from hence the name clone ie genetically identical? That guy doesn’t even look like Beaton unless your a Celtic fan! On the other hand I bet you look a clone of ma granda’s scrotum and you weren’t even cloned from that. although you will be genetically identical probably…ya ballsack. mon then…:) 🙂

  3. Jon says:

    Ya fekin Hun scumbags, you will win fek all…No no,no no no no, no no no no TROPHIES!!! Pure smelly shite!

    • Aldo says:

      Except the more trophies than any other team in the world….Poor Jon. If Assholism was crime, you’d be convicted for that drivel..

    • Aldo says:

      Celtic fans calling other people smelly hahahahahahahahahahahhhahaha

      Ask yer groundsman ya topper ye.

  4. Brendan Totten says:

    Let Brown,Ralston & Christie take a GBH claim against Morelos and cite Beaton &a red card red card red card linesman ( both impartial) as witnesses to the crime. Let’s see what Ian Maxwell and the so called officials have to say. The threats to Beaton are only to distract attention away from the investigation into Beaton

    • Aldo says:


      Get yersel up the road ya pure and utter brass neck!

  5. rob says:

    embarrassing from the ref something not quite right about this. I see the whole game and the ref let several rangers player off the hook.

    PS Im a hearts fan

    • dean says:

      Hearts fans giving out Morality lessons…just wow!

      Pipe doon before we take your next best player and let him warm our bench like Lafferty!

    • Hugh Burns says:

      It happened at Tynecastle also when THREE huns were off side, and allowed to play on and score!!!! They say (sevco) that it is only Celtic that complain, I thought I at least he added a whisper from Georgie land.!!!!

      • debbie says:

        Aw diddums, ye raging!? – What you want to be outraged about is your own fans who can’t stop attacking managers on the touchline…sit down peckerneck

        PS Rangers don’t say it’s only Celtic that complain. The whole of Scottish football have ALWAYS had it in for Rangers and we all know why. Because when your the most successful, the most supported and the most loved club in your land, then the rest will do ANYTHING to try drag themselves closer to you…

        • FTQ says:

          Im sure you do have teeth NHS prescribed darling.Bet you suck like a Dyson. lol

          • FTQ says:

            Debbie darling your patter is like diarrhea,flows too quickly and just leaves an unmentionable mess.Im sure your mouth has got plenty of room in it to suck things up,infact little William in the comments above seems a bit lonely and might need you to ease his pain by using your sooking talents on him.Chop Chop luv a womans work is never done. lol

          • Debbie says:

            How do you even know what a Hoover is? Or did you by one from a Pawn shop thinking it was a sex aid until someone told you it picks dirt up?

            Try hoovering yer shitey kegs..

        • FTQ says:

          Temper temper Skank,im sure you know a lot about parks as after all im sure that’s your full time job giving gummies in the bushes. lol

        • FTQ says:

          Back to spreading your legs in the park and guzzling Electric White cider darling,another deluded

          • Debbie says:

            Beat it you ya manky wee horror – Lassies in the park full of Electric White? Bit much detail, something you obviously know about eh. That yer level, taking lassies into the park and getting them full of Cider..It certainly sounds like it. Your Kappa shellsuit must be covered in some amount of grass stains!

  6. Ski says:

    Jock, that doesn’t count. Celtic are allowed to do things like that. Always have been. Only Rangers should get pulled up for ref’s errors, nobody else.
    You could also have pointed out 5 Rangers goals this season chalked off for offside which weren’t, or red cards that shouldn’t have been like Candeias’ – for winking ffs – but none of that matters. As you say
    Always cheated, never defeated

  7. davie says:

    ref shocking and I’m a man u fan.

  8. Jock Knewson says:

    We could also highlight Browns elbowing Arfield off the ball, Brown’s late tackle on Candieas, Lustig follow through on the edge of the box, Christies repeated diving, I think times He dived. McGregor handball in the box.

    Just to begin with.

    Same old story – Always cheated, never defeated.

    • Jim says:

      Don’t expect anything less – From their board to their pathetic spin Doctors like Sutton and Hartson that will say anything to defelect negative press for their own cretinous bunch. Hartson who whines about poor griffiths getting pelters from Gers fans for his gambling addictions(which they done about Barton and Black) on the same day his own fans booing the remembrance of 66 dead(mostly children) get a minutes silence cut short..Hartson with his comments when from being just a bad Spin doctor a bad human being.

      Anyway, matters not a jot – Rangers are back and will soon be in the rightful place at the top of Scottish football.

      • FTQ says:

        I bet you would like your own balls if you could with your own sense of importance darling. lol

        • Adam says:

          I do like my own balls yeah…Are you not supposed to like your own body parts? Maybe you don’t because your balls are like a couple of monkey nuts in a water balloon?

      • FTQ says:

        Rainjurs are back?? LMFAO Deluded 100% me thinks. FTQ

        • Adam says:

          When you say Rangers are back you are admitting they were away and your team stoated about winning stuff with no challenge(which everyone knows). Simply put, winning leagues when your the only team competing are worthless. We done 9 in a row against strong Celtic teams. You have done your last 5 or 6 when you were the only team capable of winning lolol. Claming useless wins is Celtic allover eh. Remember they claimed wins when other teams sent their players to war. Celtic for ye..

          • Adam says:

            Biggles, Muggleton! – Fuck me, you had Harry Potter characters playing for you?. Okay I’ll take it back. No wonder we ripped you apart if your players were trying to play quidich.

            Bolt eh – Those teams also had guys like Paul Mcstay, Charlie Nicholas, Billy Mcneil early on maybe. Pat Bonnar, John Collins. All cracking players….Not as good as Rangers were clearly but close.

          • FTQ says:

            What about when we had ,Biggins,Muggleton,Cascarino,Slater,Hayes,Gillespie,Hewitt,Martin,Gray etc etc you TIT.You lot bought the league so don’t give me your shite son as you probably weren’t even born then.

          • Adam says:

            Listen idiot – We beat you when yoru teams were full of top players and internationals like Hooijdonk, Larsson, Di Canio, Thom. Too many to mention. You were beating us when our team was full of Nicky Clarks, Senderos, Hodsons, Barton, Waghorn and the likes….MASSIVE difference.

          • FTQ says:

            Strong Celtic teams for your 9 you say? You are another silly billy as your 9 was when Celtic had the weakest teams finishing 3rd and sometimes fourth so do your research you silly little billy. lol

        • debbie says:

          What’s deluded is you thinking mocking dead kids is funny! – Trot on, your a no mark!

      • FTQ says:

        13 attempts to beat Celtic,yeah you cunts are back. LMAO FTQ

      • Hugh Burns says:

        Once every thirteen games, !!!! Hahahaha Muppets! Liquidation once again very near. Listen to this word, we know you do not like that word word LIquidation, but it will be staring sevco in the face ,VERY SOON..!!!hahahahahaha.

        • sam says:

          Or you can look at it as the first time since your manager came in he actually faced a Rangers team with a decent squad(albeit a squad Gerrard assembled for less than you paid for one player) and shat it, whilst his whole team ran about petrified and yer fans stood in the corner like little mouses except for when they wanted to sing about dead kids, the IRA, abuse Morelos etc etc etc etc…but whatever helps you sleep fella!

    • FTQ says:

      Stair dodging hun cunt

      • Will says:

        Soap dodging Tim cunt..

        Truth hurt ya gadgey tramp? Yer Captains the filthiest animal in Scottish football and been getting away with it for years…Fact is your team have finally faced a real Rangers team for the first time since Bodgers came and to a man your whole team were running around petrified like little girls like you would be if you were in the company of Rangers fans! Men against girls…Same as yerself ya wee nothing, now back under yer rock…BOY. Making fun of kids dying is your level…yer an irrelavent we shitebag like yer team..

        • FTQ says:

          William,William ,William where do I begin with you.Well your last novel you wrote there seems so heart felt that I did shed a tear a bit.So if a sign says mind the step are you going to be offended? You really need to stop getting offended so easily.Im sure you sit at ibrox all mr goody goody and never say anything bad about those pesky catholics do you or sing anti catholic songs?
          Don’t try and play the im better than you shit as it doesn’t fool anyone William.

          • will says:

            Well since I’m a catholic and raised in a Celtic family as already stated then no I don’t sit at Ibrox and slag Catholics, or Prodestants, or Jews, Or Muslims. I go to football….for football funnily enough!

            Still trying to pretend you didn’t mean to say what you meant by your comment…..your just a wrong yin. A shitebag that can’t stand behind his actions. Bit like yer club captain!

        • FTQ says:

          You say you don’t Mock child abuse yet in the same sentence you say (But mocking dead kids is the same as mocking a club for hiding child abuse?….er) Still obsessed Billy and you say you would tell people where to go if they did at your shit pit?Yeah right im sure your like the rest of the rodent scum in your stadium that get excited mocking child abuse. Oh and William where have I mocked dead kids you thick hun prick? You seem very interested in y fronts William are you a bit ahhm kinky? lol

          • Will says:

            Och at least have the courage to stand behind your words and stop embarassing yourself- You sure your not Chris Sutton?

            You called a guy a stairdodger and you know exactly what you meant!

            Yes I did say “is mocking dead kids worse than mocking a club for hiding child abuse”? I didn’t say I do it did I. I would never do it, It’s not my bag…unlike yours clearly! One is mocking innocent kids who died going to a football match and are mocked by the likes of you for what?? supporting a team you hate!..disgusting, the other is mocking an orginasation that hid something so they didn’t bring shame on themselves….at the expense of the victims! Thats the difference incase your tiny brain can’t work that out. Both are disgusting but one is clearly worse than the other.

            Both clubs are have plenty of Scum like you. Far as I’m concerned, anyone going to fitba to harp on about dead kids or child abuse should be arsed and necked oot and never allowed back in. Don’t care who you support. Thankfully the MAJORITY of Rangers AND Celtic fans( and I come from a family full of Celtic season book holders) think the same. Both clubs see people like you as lowlife that ruin it for the rest! You honestly sound like a wee ned, a kiddy on Celtic fan who goes to games with yer wee mates just to be wee fannies..Now jog on eh.

        • FTQ says:

          Your kind are the filth of society,you say you never mocked dead kids but I bet you love nothing better than to glorify child abuse like 90 % of you cunts do on every forum and in your stadium,so dont try and be billy big baws with me you silly little cunt.

          • Will says:

            Nope ya wee stoater – I dont think child abuse is funny in the slightest and fans who do are an embarassment and will never be sitting beside me at Ibrox or the will be told where to go. But mocking dead kids is the same as mocking a club for hiding child abuse?….erm,

            Think the whiff of yer own Y-fronts has made ye giddy wee sacks!

            I’ll be whatever I want with you ya wee dick. Yer a nothing who’s shown yer character by mocking dead kids! Don’t try to be all tough now….Clown.

            And get those Y-fronts change before yer whole street starts fainting eh.

        • FTQ says:

          Poor little moral high ground hun,oh the irony of it all. lol

          • Will says:

            Yep – Never slagged a kid dying in my life, I’ve never slagged anyone dying in my life…So yeah. Deffo the moral highground over a little scumbag like you….

            I thought Hartson was low bleeting on about poor Griffiths and ignoring the fact his fellow fans are mocking dead children! – Your exactly the type he protects when he says nothing. Total wrong yins..

        • FTQ says:

          Temper temper scumbag mind the FTQ

      • ski says:

        Thank God you’re a Celtic fan. No other team would want you. getting itchy now your scrip has worn off are you?