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WTAF: Everton Fan Drops Child in Order to Hug Anthony Gordon After Leeds Draw

WTAF: Everton Fan Drops Child in Order to Hug Anthony Gordon After Leeds Draw

Everton forward Anthony Gordon has achieved ‘golden boy’ status over the past weeks, in a seemingly sudden fashion as well.

A product of the Everton academy, Gordon has been a Blue since he was 11 and is currently living the dream as The Toffees’ main man following the absence of Dominic Calvert-Lewin and the departure of Richarlison. 

The 21-year-old was already viewed as a promising prospect on the back of his displays last season, but the hype around him has grown tenfold as of late.

It all started when Chelsea launched a surprising bid of £60m to acquire his services, which was followed up by a rumour that even Pep Guardiola was interested in the Englishman.

Despite the lofty price tag, Everton gaffer Frank Lampard has outright refused the notion, drawing further attention to the player.

With more eyes on him than ever, Gordon is out to prove his worth, and he has already scored in successive games, the most recent one of which came against Leeds United.

He netted the opener before Leeds eventually drew level, as Everton earned a valuable point on the road.

After the full-time whistle rang, fans online were treated to a clip showcasing just how admired the player is among Evertonians.

Unfortunately, almost all viewers arrived at the conclusion that the admiration on display borders on lunacy, and frankly, it’s easy to see why.

As seen in the clip, Gordon walks over to the away fans to thank them for their support, after which he is greeted by an extremely passionate supporter seated in the front. 

The fan in question had a young lad by his side, who certainly seemed to be clinging onto him, leading many to assume that he was his son. 

Clearly riled up, the fan quite literally dropped his son in order to embrace Gordon and didn’t seem too concerned for the lad’s whereabouts later on either. 

The young fan toppled over the advertising boards and landed on the pitch, which even had the player himself worried.

The adult, on the other hand, looked far too overcome with emotion and just ended up ignoring the kid when he climbed back over the boards.

He also made sure to nab Gordon’s shirt, originally intended for the kid, making the clip even more shocking.

Fortunately, the young fan ended the evening on a sweeter note, as he was pictured holding aloft Gordon’s shirt triumphantly.

If the adult was indeed his father, he’s probably in for a rude awakening from the missus. A thoroughly deserved one if we may add.