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The Height Mismatch Fans Couldn’t Ignore When Brendan Rodgers Stood Besides BT Panel

The Height Mismatch Fans Couldn’t Ignore When Brendan Rodgers Stood Besides BT Panel

Leicester City manager Brendan Rodgers has certainly cut a frustrated figure so far this season, owing to the awful start his team have endured this campaign.

A solitary draw are the only points they’ve earned, alongside 4 losses, which has sent the Foxes flopping down to the bottom of the table.

The most recent disappointment came against Manchester United, as Leicester lost 1-0 at the King Power, leading to a chorus of boos from the home support.

Plenty of doubts have been cast at their Gaffer due to the run, with many fans expecting him to be the first manager to get the sack this season.

But the 49-year-old is determined to go down fighting, as reflected in his brutally honest comments during the post-match interview.

Rodgers was very frank in stating the objective for his side this season, as he set a goal of 40 points, which typically translates to a bottom table finish, just slightly above the relegation nominees.

He then went on to aim a slight dig at the ownership and call out the lack of transfer activity in the window.

The former Liverpool boss said, “I understand the fan’s frustration. They see all their rivals getting players in, and we’re not getting any.

With the greatest respect, we have not had the help in the marker that this team needed.”

These comments alone are enough to give you an idea of just how intriguing Rodgers’ post-match presser was.

And while his comments saw plenty of attention and dissection, fans on Twitter simply couldn’t help but notice that Brendan Rodgers…is not the tallest fella.

That’s right, as he went on about his side’s struggles thus far, users on Twitter were fixated on how he was dwarfed by pundits and presenters around him.

Standing at just 5’7, the 49-year-old simply stood no chance as he was placed right in between Robbie Savage (6’1), Rio Ferdinand (6’2) and Owen Hargreaves (5’10).

The cameraman did the Foxes’ Gaffer no favours either, as in use was a top angle with a decent bit of distance, which ended up enhancing the height difference.

Fans on Twitter were taken aback by the image, with some shocked by just how tall the rest were, while others were surprised because they were unaware that Rodgers was indeed 5’7.

Nevertheless, for what he may lack in height, he certainly makes up for in character. And there is an immediate requirement of that in his team, as they’ll have an opportunity to turn things around when they face Brighton next.