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Who Are Brenda Nout And Zak Rodgers? Brendan Rodgers Gag Names Explained

Who Are Brenda Nout And Zak Rodgers? Brendan Rodgers Gag Names Explained

The King Power certainly isn’t the place to be these days, unless you’re in it for the memes.

Bottom of the table, one win in 9, 24 goals conceded. Safe to say, Leicester City are in a spot of bother.

After a truly miserable transfer window with key departures in Wesley Fofana and Kasper Schmeichel and virtually no arrivals, a bit of decline was expected.

But the manner in which the Foxes have trampled down the table has been rather startling.

The side does look clueless at times, but not entirely, as they’re still able to string together combinations, with the likes of James Madison and Youri Tielemens occasionally providing the goods.

However, defence is where the frailties begin to show, as the Foxes have conceded a whopping 14 goals in their last 5 games.

Their first-choice centre-backs in Johnny Evans and Wout Faes resemble a makeshift defence, as compared to one of Premier League calibre.

While the various holes in the squad can be attributed to the lacklustre management, for on-field performances Leicester fans hold only one man culpable, Brendan Rodgers.

His approach simply isn’t working anymore, and fans are at their wit’s end.

The ‘RodgersOut’ campaign has been in full swing as of late, and recently, it had a particularly hilarious highlight.

After the social media campaign failed to grab the club’s attention, one opportunistic fan opted to take matters into their hands.

They chose to employ the good-old-fashioned tactic of ‘gag names’, we’re talking Harry Baals, Seymour Butts, and John Boehner. You get the gist.

The fake name was pretty solid too, as the fan brewed up Brenda Nout, which shares homophonous similarities with ‘Brendan Out’.

It was all set to be deployed as a Birthday Message on King Power’s PA system, the request costs about 20 quid but eh it was worth it.

Imagine the scenes, 32,000 thousand Foxes spectating Leicester’s game against Palace, when all of a sudden the immersion is broken by the PA’s crackle.

The announcer’s voice blares around the venue, ‘we have a special message, Happy Birthday Brenda Nout’.

The voice simmers as the realization settles, the away end is in tatters and a few laughs erupt from those in Blue as well, comedic gold.
What could’ve been?

Sadly, the Foxes weren’t to be outfoxed, they caught the plot pretty much instantly and denied the fan’s request.

A Twitter account soon popped up, giving life to the fake supporter through a very real-sounding Tweet.

Fortunately, the saga didn’t end here as another caper commenced, the methods were similar but the name was even more clever.

Birthday announcement requests for one Zak Rodgers (Sack Rodgers) were deployed on this occasion, and unfortunately to no yield.

You can’t help but acknowledge the guile and determination on display here, it is truly remarkable.

Oh and shame on Leicester City for denying Brenda Nout the luxury of a Birthday Announcement. She’s a really nice lady by the way.