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Watch: Son Heung-Min is Back as a Fun Uncle With Cristian Romero’s Son

Watch: Son Heung-Min is Back as a Fun Uncle With Cristian Romero’s Son

Calling Son Heung-Min a pretty sound fella would actually be an understatement, as the South Korean is usually a universally loved delight. 

You’d have to dig a pretty steep hole to find some dirt on the forward, and aside from a few rash challenges, there likely isn’t anything to place against our claim.

The 30-year-old is known for his incredible exploits on the pitch, but also for being a friendly figure, equipped with a smile capable of making anyone’s day.

Many of his past and present teammates have alluded to ‘Sonny’ as a positive presence in the dressing room, and the South Korean really shares a strong bond with his fellow Tottenham Hotspur players.

That connection is perfectly apparent whenever he is around his teammate’s children, as Son firmly leaps into ‘Uncle mode.’

This is especially visible during the lap of honour at the final game of the season, as he’s often spotted going around the field entertaining toddlers and acting like a middle-aged father, in an adorable way of course.

Fortunately, fans received a glimpse of ‘Uncle Sonny’ a bit earlier this year, as he was spotted playing around with Cristiano Romero‘s son Valentino.

The moment came after Spurs’ 3-2 against Eintracht Frankfurt, which saw a goal from Harry Kane and a brace from Son.

The South Korean delivered a MOTM performance, which included a delicious left-footed volley.

The side had a special spectator on the night in Romero’s 1-year-old, who then went on to share a special moment with the match-winner.

As seen in this clip, Son dipped into his ‘fun uncle’ bag and adolescently gaped at the baby, while taping her cheeks and fingers.

Little Valentine looked to be enjoying her uncle’s silly antics, just like the children of his other Spurs teammates.

The 30-year-old isn’t currently a father, but we’re willing to wager that he’ll be a pretty fun dad when the day comes.

For the moment, he’s certainly the team’s resident ‘Fun uncle’.