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The Innovative Procedure Paulo Dybala Used To Recover For World Cup

The Innovative Procedure Paulo Dybala Used To Recover For World Cup

Paulo Dybala injured his rectus femoris during Roma’s match against Lecce on the 29th of October 2022.

As a result, his inclusion in the Argentine squad looked doubtful, until yesterday when his name was announced as part of the Qatar World Cup squad.

His recovery is nothing short of miraculous even though science has played a major role in it. 

In order to speed up his recovery timeline and help him return to full fitness in time for the World Cup, Dybala’s medical team turned to PRP injections as a mode of treatment.

A PRP injection is essentially a platelet-rich plasma injection. It is prepared by centrifuging blood extracted from the patient himself and then injected into the affected area to speed up healing. 

Experts say that while it is certainly a viable method of treating injuries, in cases where the rectus femoris is affected, treatment should take place along extremely delicate protocols to ensure that the scar tissue does not work against the recovery. 

In addition to PRP injections, Dybala had to put in a lot of physical and mental labour into recovering effectively in time to represent Argentina on the global platform.

According to reports, Dybala was required to undergo 5-hour physiotherapy and kinesiotherapy sessions on a daily basis and follow an immensely strict diet during his recovery period. 

It’s worth noting that Dybala is still not back to full fitness. However, given the positive reports from his medical team, Lionel Scaloni, Argentina’s manager, has decided to include him in the squad and give the 28-year-old a reason to fight through his injury. 

Of course, Dybala’s injury and sudden break from field duties for Roma has put Jose Mourinho in a pickle.

Without Dybala, Roma are left without a formidable attack line, especially since Dybala has, in his short time at Roma, already become the club’s top goalscorer.

Now that Dybala will be expected to focus his energy and recovery for the World Cup, it’s unlikely that Mourinho can expect substantial involvement from his star player for the Club’s remaining games in the season until the World Cup concludes. 

Twitter reacts to Paulo Dybala making rapid recovery to get fit right in time for Qatar World Cup

@FahadBhuiyanFHD – This is my la joya, What he can do everybody saw in Finalissima

@Adwaitr10 – He deserves starting chance

@Fw8nky – I had hoped Lo Celso was just as important to Argentina as Mane is to Senegal (if you get what I mean). Take him still and hope he recovers during the knockout phases…

@Dybalanation21 – He works hard and that’s why god blesses him and he deserves to participate in this Qatar world cup

@mwanamooze – Can he please play well for the first time with Arg, hope he makes the most of his minutes

@Bexploder_MUFC – La Joya 💙 His sacrifice & hard work will pay off hopefully.

@adss_3010 – Very happy for this guy he’s worked very hard for it and made it to the WC squad 💙

@Dybala10era – Dybala needs to start with Messi and Lautaro. Scaloni has to open his eyes.

@_thefalse9_ – I have high hopes from Dybala for this WC.

@C720p60 – Dybala prime incoming ?? 👀👀

@LeoMessiGOATS – Leo Messi is winning the world cup