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Fans Claim Gavi Wears Different Nike Outsoles On Each Foot

Fans Claim Gavi Wears Different Nike Outsoles On Each Foot

Spanish jersey number 9, Pablo Martín Páez Gavira, or as you’d probably know him, Gavi, seems to be a goldmine for headlines.

First, the midfielder proved himself on the pitch and frankly, he is as crucial at the center of an attack as Xavi was for his team.

Even in the World Cup, the midfielder has been a non-negotiable squad member for Spanish manager, Luis Enrique.

Of course, it’s worth pointing out that it was Enrique that was responsible for giving the 17-year-old wunderkind his first break in pro football.

The second reason that Gavi has become popular is the extensive list of peculiarities that the Spanish midfielder happens to put on display.

For example, it is almost inconceivable to imagine playing entire matches, performing in them, and scoring in them, without tying the laces on your boot.

And yet, Gavi has been the butt of good-natured teasing in the media and his team for leaving his laces untied throughout his games.

Initially, pundits and fans speculated that Gavi refuses to tie his laces because of superstitious beliefs.

The real reason, however, was quite amusing, and not quite as compelling as a superstition. The 18-year-old leaves his laces untied because he simply doesn’t know how to tie them.

And now, there happens to be another oddity with respect to the boots that Gavi sports during his games.

While Puma, for a while, thought that a pair of boots each of a different color was a good idea, Gavi has taken it a step further.

Fans spotted the midfielder wearing boots with entirely distinct outsoles on both feet.

That said, this arrangement could serve as functionality in Gavi’s game.

The 18-year-old sports Nike Phantom GT-2 boots in all his games but the boot on his right foot uses an AG-Pro outsole, specially meant to be used on artificial turf.

On his left foot, Gavi wears a boot that uses an FG outsole, meant for firm ground grass pitches.

While Gavi has not clarified the reason behind the peculiar practice of wearing boots with different outsoles on each foot, it is possible that he derives additional traction on his right foot as a result of the AG-Pro outsole, which, consequently, makes him quicker on the pitch.

With all of his peculiarities, the 18-year-old is as authentic a player and a human being as they come.

And regardless of whether he’s wearing different outsoles on each foot or not, the Spaniard has not failed to captivate the attention of fans with his performance on the pitch.