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Liverpool Forward Luis Diaz Looks Buff In New Workout Pic

Liverpool Forward Luis Diaz Looks Buff In New Workout Pic

Liverpool’s Premier League season has not gone to plan in any way imaginable.

Their usually resolute defence has been leaky and their attack is yet to reach the attacking heights of seasons gone by. Take the 9-0 win against Bournemouth away and the club has scored only 25 goals, the least of any team in the top half.

Liverpool is barely in the top half anyway. Currently 9th, the Reds have lost three games in a row and are due to face Chelsea tomorrow, who themselves are 10th.

It is not turning out to be a good season for the “Big Six”, is it?

Well, it may be time for fortunes to change though, at least for the Merseyside team.

One of the reasons the club has been struggling in the attacking third is the absence of two stalwarts in Diogo Jota and Luis Diaz.

Both forwards have been sidelined for a few months now, with Diaz’s injury back in October while Jota’s in November, just before the World Cup.

While the Portuguese is out at least till late February, fans will have to wait for the Colombian even more, with the player expected to return only in March.

The Columbian suffered an injury in the 3-2 loss against Arsenal but was expected to be back sooner than the current timeline.

In fact, he did return and joined the squad when they went to Dubai for a training camp during the mid-season break in December.

However, Jurgen Klopp revealed that the Columbian “felt something” and was therefore sent home early.

It was later found out that Diaz injured his lateral collateral ligament (LCL) and needed surgery.

It was a massive disappointment for the club and the fans both, who would be eagerly waiting for a player to come in and kickstart their campaign in anger.

But all hope’s not lost, as Diaz recently posted an update of him doing some drills in the gym, something that is sure to cheer up the Kopites.

Not just that, Gera Ponce, Diaz’s girlfriend, also shared a now-unavailable story on her Instagram of the two of them posing and boy does Diaz look ready to make a comeback.

Looks like Luis has been utilising the enforced break to full effect, hitting the gym and building some muscle mass. I mean, those arms and glutes look amazing, to say the least.

It is very easy to lose sight of the bigger picture and relax with the excuse of “being injured”, but by the looks of it, Diaz is definitely keeping himself in the best shape possible for whenever the medical team gives him the go-ahead for some match time.

He had already scored three this season before the injury and will be looking to add many more to those.

And we are confident that his return will be greeted with renewed optimism at Anfield. After all, can you imagine him, Gakpo, Salah and Nunez running at defences at full speed?

Chills. Literal chills.