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How Abbey Clancy Helped Peter Crouch Reach A New Level Of Fame

How Abbey Clancy Helped Peter Crouch Reach A New Level Of Fame

145 goals in 599 club appearances, ranging from Liverpool to Tottenham to Portsmouth, Peter Crouch has had a long and distinguished career as a footballer.

The 6ft 7inch footballer was also a regular for the English national team, scoring 22 times in 42 outings. “Crouchy”, as he is affectionately called, was once a household name when it came to the world of football, with his robotic dance celebration gaining a lot of popularity.

But unlike most footballers, whose popularity fades once they draw the curtain on their careers, it has been quite the opposite for the striker.

How wife Abbey Clancy made Peter Crouch more famous than he could have imagined

The duo got hitched on 30th June 2011 and have two daughters and two sons.

Abbey Clancy is a British model and a television personality and while both of them have successful careers in their respective fields, Abbey’s popularity and media presence have undoubtedly helped to elevate Peter’s public profile and increase his fame beyond what he may have achieved on his own.

Pic via The Times

Abbey’s modelling career and appearances on popular TV shows like “Britain’s Next Top Model” and “Strictly Come Dancing” have given her a significant following and a high level of public recognition in the UK. Her marriage to Peter has also increased her media visibility, with the couple often appearing together at events and on social media.

As a result, Peter has benefited from increased media attention and exposure, with many people becoming more familiar with him through his association with Abbey. This has helped to raise his profile beyond the football world, making him a more recognizable figure to the general public in the UK.

In addition, Abbey’s own media work often involves discussions of her family life, including her relationship with Peter and their children, which has further boosted his profile and made him a more relatable figure to many people.

We can reasonably assume that Abbey had a huge role to play in Crouch getting to work on a BBC One TV show called Peter Crouch: Save Our Summer. That was just the start of Crouch’s TV career, with him becoming a member of the panel for The Masked Dancer in 2022.

Crouch has fully embraced the next part of his life, as he has not restricted himself to just TV. He released his second book, named How to be a Footballer, in 2018 and started a podcast in the same year, called the Peter Crouch Podcast, where he features alongside Tom Fordyce and Chris Stark.

Earlier this year, Clancy and Crouch started a podcast of their own, called The Therapy Couch, which has been a hit with the fans and dubbed a “must listen”.

It is moves like these that help solidify the fact that Peter Crouch’s marriage with Abbey Clancy has boosted his status to much more than what he could have realistically achieved on his own and is a testament to the trust the two put in each other.