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Fans are blaming Jadon Sancho for Marcus Rashford going full gangsta

Fans are blaming Jadon Sancho for Marcus Rashford going full gangsta

The six-year wait for a trophy is finally over for Manchester United.

With the lifting of the Carabao Cup, the United board have more than justified their hiring of Erik Ten Hag and all his new signings, especially those of Casemiro and Lisandro Martinez.

But one thing that has been instrumental in this turnaround for the club isn’t a new addition, it is Marcus Rashford.

With an 8.5-star rating capped off with a goal, the 26-year-old was one of the decisive cogs in yesterday’s game.

This performance was, nevertheless, very unsurprising to see. The winger-slash-striker has been phenomenal for United this season, whether it be in the Premier League, Europa League, or the EFL Cup.

This goal added to his already incredible tally of 24 this season, and we still have some way to go.

However, what was surprising was what we saw after the trophy was lifted up.

As teammate Sancho was seen celebrating around the field with his camera, we saw Rashford look up to the camera and throw gang signs in the form of a gun. 

Marcus Rashford, MBE…gang member?

Many have called this Sancho’s influence on good boy Marcus. Sancho is from South London, a supposedly more dangerous part of London.

While Sancho may not have played a part in any criminal activities, their lifestyle and influence is visible on him. He is an avid follower of hip-hop music from the United States, is frequently seen wearing blingy jewellery and is also known to put up gang sings similar to these.

Moss Side here is a reference to the crime-infested area of Manchester, which is close to Old Trafford. 

Furthermore, Sancho and Rashford are great friends. They play for England together, apart from Manchester United, and have known each other for around a decade now. 

They are known to fly in private jets together, and some of the footage from these jets shows us a little more about how the hip-hop lifestyle has flown from Sancho to Rashford. 

You can see Rashford in his laid-back, glitzy attire vibing to Lil Baby’s music on the private jet and also during the celebration yesterday after the Cup Final.

Fans are surprised at how quickly Rashford’s vibe changes when he shifts from his MBE self and when he is around Sancho. Nothing more accurately resembles this relationship better than this tweet right here.

We must refrain from taking this in a negative light though.

The man who devotes his life to helping the unfortunate and sending out food to charity can also have fun on his own time. He is not promoting a gang lifestyle, he is just enjoying hip-hop culture which is perfectly safe and acceptable to do as long as real violence or guns aren’t involved. 

Either way, in terms of United fans themselves, the vibes are immaculate as they celebrate their first win in six years. They deserve to celebrate as they see fit.