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How much the Borussia Dortmund pre-match 3-piece suits really cost

How much the Borussia Dortmund pre-match 3-piece suits really cost

Borussia Dortmund went down fighting as they were eliminated from the Champions League by Chelsea on Tuesday. Despite defeating the Blues in the first leg, the Bundesliga side suffered a 2-0 loss at Stamford Bridge – with the winning goal being a controversial penalty from Kai Havertz.

It appeared that the decision to allow Havertz – who missed the initial penalty – to re-take it was harsh because Dortmund’s goalkeeper appeared to have one foot on the goal line amid the penalty. Despite their complaints, the German side saw Chelsea retake it and then ultimately score the goal that won them the tie.

Even though they went down to a bitter loss, this was a pretty good experience for the Dortmund club and they definitely arrived in London looking really good.

The Borussia Dortmund fit

Ahead of their crucial Champions League clash, the Dortmund squad made the travel to England in style. It appears that the club has its own European tradition which it upholds to this day before making its way to other countries for major games.

Just as they left Germany to make their way to London for the major game, the Bundesliga club’s players were all seen wearing something different than what they usually wear when travelling for games. Indeed, the German giants’ players were all made to wear suits for the occasion.

The likes of Bellingham and Donyell Malen were both seen wearing brown suits and matching pants on top of some formal wear. English forward Jamie Bynoe-Gittens also decided to travel back to his country wearing a dark brown suit – slightly different than what his fellow teammates opted to wear for the trip.

Who’s dressing them?

The German club are currently sponsored by Puma, who manufacture their kits as well as training gear as well. However, they have handed the responsibility of stitching together their classy club suits to another luxury brand.

Dortmund announced a partnership with German luxury fashion brand Mey & Edlich at the start of the 2022/23 season for the responsibility of not only creating three-piece suits, but also the likes of cashmere scarves, formal shoes, business belts as well as woollen ties.

When announcing the deal with Mey & Edlich, the club explained what they would be designing for them. They wrote: “MEY & EDLICH created a collection with 13 different pieces especially for BVB to ensure the team and the entire staff a stylish and casually elegant appearance off the pitch. THE MEY & EDLICH x BVB collection consists of a three-piece, dynamic Power Move suit, a heat-insulating outdoor parka, a sublime wool coat, as well as a Ballon d’Or shirt and cardigan. 

“The outfit is complemented by the right accessories such as quality shoes, a cashmere scarf, business belt, baseball cap, a woolen tie and a pin in the shape of a yellow felt flower, which picks up on the club colors. The outfit is also complemented by pants and an undershirt.”

So it’s quite clear that not only does Mey & Edlich design the suits for Dortmund, but are also responsible for the formal attire that is worn inside it as well as the shoes, ties and more.

The slick design is a throwback to the old-school formal attire which almost makes the German side’s stars look like characters from the hit Netflix show ‘Peaky Blinders’.

While these suits and attire for the Dortmund players are custom-made, fans could buy Mey & Edlich stuff on their website. The combined price of the suit jacket, suit vest and pants is about €400 – with shirts mostly over €50.

While the trip to London wasn’t that beneficial for the Bundesliga side, at least they got a chance to show off their brilliant formal attires designed by the luxury fashion brand.