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Is Fabrizio Romano Really Earning $3000 A Day From Twitter Alone? Here’s the Truth Behind Viral Screenshot

Is Fabrizio Romano Really Earning $3000 A Day From Twitter Alone? Here’s the Truth Behind Viral Screenshot

Fabrizio Romano has become the go-to source on Twitter for every football fan wanting the latest transfer update on their favourite football club and it appears that he earns a major dollar for his hard work too. To his credit, the Italian journalist has had to tough his way towards becoming one of the most popular ones around on social media.

Romano has over 17 million followers on Twitter. Even his YouTube channel has nearly two million subscribers, even though he only started making regular videos in it from last year. Being a Freelance journalist with no real affiliation to any major news outlet, the Italian reporter has the freedom to work for a number of different websites.

He currently contributes for a lot of different outlets, be it as a guest contributor or even as a daily writer. His CaughtOffside column is among the most popular ones around, while Romano also has his own ‘Here We Go’ podcast too. But it’s his Twitter account that is followed the most by fans and arguably gets the more interactions too.

Does Fabrizio Romano actually earn big bucks from Twitter?

As a result, Fabrizio is now able to benefit from Twitter’s newest policy to reward popular accounts with financial benefits. The website – now known as X – has created new monetization standards for all its users. The eligibility standards are pretty basic and Romano definitely matches everything that is required.

The website has also made it available to the public to find out how much money a particular user could be making.

One fan decided to dig deep into Romano’s Twitter analytics to find out how much he might be making. In a picture posted by that supporter, it shows that Fabrizio is estimated to set to earn a whopping $86,000 per month based on his current statistics. If divided to a per-day earning, then he earns nearly $3,000 per day!

That includes him having a 3.5 billion social media capital, which actually is more than what Elon Musk has managed.

With that being said, the statistic over his earning might not be what it seems. The place where such Twitter analytics can be checked, the Notus App, shows stuff like social media capital and a user’s popularity.

However, upon digging, it’s impossible to find the estimated monthly figure one can get from creator ads revenue.

A screenshot from the Notus app

So it doesn’t seem like the Italian reporter actually earns that kind of a figure and the actual amount that he gets is still mysterious. While his number of followers and crazy interactions does hinge that figure to be on the higher side, nobody but Fabrizio himself knows exactly how much he earns.

Where does Romano earn from?

With that being said, it’s not like Fabrizio is lacking sources of income from his profession. He is estimated to earn over $16,000-per-month from his YouTube videos. Romano has his daily column on CaughtOffside too and while details of his revenue from that are unknown, he must bag a decent amount considering that the website charges a $5 monthly subscription fee to view his briefings.

Moreover, Fabrizio also writes guest columns for a lot of websites and appears for fan channels, for which he must also earn a decent amount of money. At times, he even endorses brands and did the same earlier this year when promoting Turkish Airlines and Adidas in his tweets. Romano is estimated to have a net worth of nearly $2 million, which is a whopping sum for a freelance journalist.

The Italian reporter has to sacrifice a lot of things for his hard work and earnings, the biggest one being sleep. He has admitted to getting very little sleep during the transfer window months due to his workload. But considering the amount of money he is raking in through Twitter and other work, it might not take much time for Romano to become the richest sports journalist in the world.