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Late Gabriel Magalhaes Injury Leak Sends FPL Managers on Edge

Late Gabriel Magalhaes Injury Leak Sends FPL Managers on Edge

Arsenal defender Gabriel can be considered a mainstay in Arteta’s defense. Whilst new signing Jurrien Timber might be more versatile, he will be operating play from left-back accompanied by expectations of having other competitors vying for his place, Ben White or Zinchenko.

This notion of insecurity of minutes, new to the league along with Gabriel’s penchant for attacking headers from set-pieces have made the Brazilian much popular pick amongst the engaged Fantasy Premier League managers.

What followed late last evening hours before the kick-off was greatly comic inducing load of panic hormones for players of the Fantasy game. Criticisms have always shrouded team leaks from real-world managers. They give the strategies away against crucial teams they say.

Yesterday was perhaps different and a saving grace for about 190k Fantasy managers on Stones. Early team leaks revealed neither he nor Gvardiol was in the starting lineup for Manchester City.

That was about an hour or so before the FPL deadline before the start of game week 1. Instantly numbers dwindled on Stones ownership with about 190k managers jumping to other boats, mostly Luke Shaw.

Deadline Streams by content creators are taking on increased popularity these days. These streams are a prime source of information on team leaks and other necessary related team lists.

It was in Andy, LetsTalk_FPL‘s deadline stream, he revealed a certain source informing him Gabriel was either injured or not in starting eleven. Andy, though at the same time did mention his source has been correct in the past, but this time round he is not entirely sure of the accuracy of the information. Yet, to be on the safer side he transferred out Gabriel to bring Saliba on the live stream.

The news reached the neighborhoods of Twitter some three minutes before the deadline. It would have been another matter had FPL as a website not seemingly become more and more made by a bunch of newbie techies.

Drawing similarities to what is perceived the normal and continuing the trends of parity the FPL website started to crash from some fifteen minutes before the deadline.

Fantasy players, even those who had maybe managed to make the transfer had no idea initially if their transfer did go through before the deadline.

If it did, whether their change was in place of Gabriel or shifted to their team bench. It was all very hilarious and anxious.

Managers who might be sweating on missing the team leak, there is possibly still hope.

Another popular Twitter account of team leaks and news, by the name, of Teamnewsandtix, tweeted shortly after he had no information of casualty on Gabriel.

To be fair to Andy, he did mention he wasn’t certain.

Managers with Gabriel will be checking team news anxiously before the start of the Gunners’ schedule against Forest.