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Weird Erling Haaland Extra Points Glitch Plagues FPL After Man City v Burnley

Weird Erling Haaland Extra Points Glitch Plagues FPL After Man City v Burnley

The whistles have blown to commence the start of a new campaign in the English Premier League. Another marathon of ten months awaits, enthralling actions, some marvelous outside-of-the-box goals, splendid tactical showcases, nail-biting relegation battles, and Fantasy Premier League.

Last season by the time Gameweek 2 rolled over there were about ten million player part of FPL. This time round, at the time of writing the number has already crept up to eight and a half million with another large chunk of managers expected to join in.

For a game, this popular one would be forgiven to expect a top-of-the-class smooth running website. A website that would be the envy of any other Fantasy games of other sports or leagues.

Contrary, in reality, Fantasy Premier League’s official website has long drawn constant criticisms for crashing down at prime times, before deadlines, failing to adjust and add player points and bonuses, and a whole host of other basic needs required for the game to run smoothly.

There is even often laughter around the corners of Fantasy communities on social media sites like Twitter, about the need to raise money to help build a better website instead of the mess running.

In the latest barrage of things going wrong for the FPL website, there wasn’t much time before misfortunes took place again.

Firstly, as was expected, the website couldn’t hold up the traffic before the game week one deadline, starting to crash a few good hours before.

Secondly, once the match ended between Manchester City and Burnley, FPL started giving out free points to the 88% of managers with Haaland in their team.

Many noticed Haaland had an extra fifteen points outside of the usual thirteen he had acquired courtesy of his two goals at Turf Moor. Others had 13 points extra.

Hardly anyone was complaining, it was as if FPL towers were giving gifts out on game week one for years of their poor service and so many millions still putting up with it.

Sadly, however, it wasn’t too last, parity was restored.

Haaland’s points got restored to what they should have been back again.

For a few brief moments however, FPL managers had another reason to laugh at the website about. What a fun, sad game this is.