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Who is Helen McConnell: Jonny Evans’ Wife and Man United Staff Member

Who is Helen McConnell: Jonny Evans’ Wife and Man United Staff Member

At a football club of stature like Manchester United, it is often the players who steal the spotlight, but there are always some unsung heroes involved to make sure everything runs smoothly inside the organization. 

One such individual is Helen McConnell, the wife of Manchester United player Jonny Evans, who is also a dedicated staffer of the club and has been integral to their operations.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Helen was born and brought up in Northern Ireland and from an early age, she had a passion for football and being involved in the sport. She has two brothers, one of whom is actually a professional footballer. 

Her career took an unexpected turn when she was scouted by the Belfast model agency Style Academy. Her charismatic personality and looks helped her become one of the finalists in the prestigious Sunday Life Covergirl competition in 2004 and get into the fashion industry as a model for a while.

But soon Helen caught the eye of Manchester United when she worked as a freelancer anchor covering Irish league games. It was in an interview with none other than Jonny Evans which saw their paths cross for the first time and the beginning of her vital role as a part of the Manchester United family.

Their love story began from that interview which soon led to them tying the knot in a lavish ceremony in Northern Ireland in 2013, a wedding that was a star-studded affair and was attended by former Manchester United players.

Association with Manchester United

Helen continued her involvement with the club, working for their in-house channel, Manchester United TV or MUTV. She contributed to the club’s media coverage as a presenter and media team member.

Helen’s dedication to Manchester United runs deep as despite Evans departing from the club in 2015, she remained committed to the club’s success and has covered various events, pre-season tours, and even interviewed new club signings.

With her hard work and perseverance, she paved her way up the corporate ladder to become one of the most respected TV personalities in the sport.

Her professionalism in her work has seen her enhance her role and serves now as a significant link between the club and its supporters.

In essence, Helen has converted into a ‘true Mancunian’ as she has become a familiar face to the fans now, interacting with them during fan events and pre and post-match interviews.

Though she has spent her whole life around media, she has kept her personal life and family secretive and uses a private Instagram account.

Helen’s connection to Manchester United extends beyond her professional life. She is also a devoted mother to her three children.

While Jonny’s return to the club has given fans fond memories of nostalgia, it would be an even more special moment for their children who have a chance to witness their father play live for the Red Devils at the iconic Old Trafford stadium.