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Manchester United pays tribute to fallen fan Aleksander Kukin

Manchester United pays tribute to fallen fan Aleksander Kukin

A brutal and devastating war rages on in Ukraine, as the occupying Russian forces continue to ramp up the invasion. 

Caught amidst the chaos are innocent civilians, including many simply trying to survive and outlive the nightmarish scenario. 

While the conflict might be seas away for people residing on different continents, its impact often hits close to home. 

And such was the case for Premier League club Manchester United, who paid tribute and announced the demise of a fellow Red. 

Through their website, the club paid tribute to Aleksander Kukin, who was one of the founding members of the Kyiv Reds supporters’ club. 

Aleksander was instrumental in the creation of the Kyiv Reds, which began in 2002 and was, of course, an avid and passionate United supporter. 

In recent years, family commitments took up his time, but his love for United never faded, and in a recent photo, he could be seen enjoying United’s 4-2 victory over Leeds. 

Kukin, unfortunately, lost his life after his car was shot at by Russian forces, his wife and daughter were also present in the car. 

Fortunately, they survived the tragedy and were hospitalized. 

The club stated that they are seeking to offer support to the family and the Kyiv Reds in the near future. 

Since the club’s post, a number of tributes from fans have flooded in on social media. 

The unnecessary loss of life in Ukraine is saddening, Aleksander being another unfortunate example.

His memory will forever live on in the hearts of his beloved Manchester United fraternity. And as part of his funeral proceedings, a United memento was placed inside his coffin, a fitting symbol for his love for the club.