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Warnock’s a W*nker: Neil Warnock Achieves His Controversial Last Request

Warnock’s a W*nker: Neil Warnock Achieves His Controversial Last Request

Stoke City fans gave one of the most memorable send-offs to Huddersfield Town’s boss Neil Warnock recently which gives a reminder of the beautiful moments this sport brings us.

Warnock has always been one of his kind and a widely hated figure in the footballing world.

He was recently sacked from managerial duties and the fans of the opposition club supporters decided to fulfill his unusual last wish he once mentioned in an interview, in his final match for the club.

At the age of 74, Warnock came out of retirement last season as Huddersfield needed an experienced veteran to prevent them from being relegated to League One.

They signed him on a short-term deal, and against all odds he managed to rescue the team from the pits of relegation which saw him receive a year’s contract extension extending his stay as a manager.

But even after winning his last two games, his reign as manager ended unexpectedly when the club announced that they were ready to make a long-term managerial appointment.

It was a surprising decision for both the players and fans since Warnock had only been in charge for six games in the new season.

However, the club decided to give him a proper farewell by letting him manage the game against Stoke City recently in front of the home crowd, but it was the away fans who had something special planned for him.

Warnock in an interview once said that when he passes away, he did not want a minute’s silence to be mourned, but an unusual chant to remember the good times he had given the fans.

He said: “I don’t want silence; I want them all to be chanting ‘Warnock’s a wanker’ over and over again. For a whole minute.”

And in their recent match, Stoke City fans were aware that it was Warnock’s final game as a manager, and to acknowledge his contribution to the sport, they initiated the chant from the stands: “Neil Warnock you’re a wanker.” Inspired by his own words, the chant had come full circle.

Even though it was an extremely unusual way to appreciate the opposition manager, Stoke fans knew that was exactly what Warnock would’ve wanted.

It was evident that it meant a lot to him too since while talking about the chant, he mentioned: “It matters because it would mean I’ve stirred emotions. I’ve helped people love football.”

The whole stadium then joined in for the chant, making it an emotional moment. It was a very fitting farewell for a no-nonsense manager of Warnock’s stature and the home fans were simply left with a bittersweet feeling towards the end of the match.

However, it won’t be the last time we witness the ex-Blades manager. Warnock made it clear in his post-match interview that he would not be retiring, and is available for any club in need of his extravagant experience, hinting at a potential move to the Saudi League.

Though Neil Warnock has parted ways with the Terriers, his legacy is set in stone as his chant “Warnock’s a wanker” will be etched forever in footballing history.