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Inter Miami Player Turns Up as Lionel Messi’s Bodyguard for Halloween

Inter Miami Player Turns Up as Lionel Messi’s Bodyguard for Halloween

Halloween is a spooky holiday with a long history. It started as a pagan festival to celebrate the new year and protect people from spirits. Over time, it became a Christian holiday, but many of the original pagan traditions remain.

However, dressing in fancy clothes is a relatively recent addition to Halloween celebrations. The earliest references to wearing costumes at Halloween come from Scotland in the 16th century, but it was not until the 19th and 20th centuries that the practice became widespread.

Footballers stand out as a unique set of celebrities who wholeheartedly embrace Halloween, infusing their creative flair with a dose of amusement. These individuals are not only admired for their skills on the field but also cherished for their knack to entertain and inspire people outside of the field, too.

Inter Miami midfielder Robert Taylor grabbed the headlines by dressing up as Lionel Messi’s bodyguard. (No, it’s not Rodrigo De Paul)

After arriving in the MLS side, Lionel Messi’s fandom attracted a lot of troublesome moments, including pitch invasions, which led to the appointment of Yassine Cheuko as his bodyguard by Inter Miami. Since then, he has earned a lot of attention for himself, all for good reasons.

The Finnish midfielder sensed the opportunity and grabbed it with both his hands for Halloween. While certain fans remained divided on the Internet after Taylor made the post on Instagram, many of them made sure to let their wit flow.

Some suggested that the man doesn’t look like De Paul, famous for guarding Messi on the International stage, while others commented that Taylor looked like more of Gonzalo Higuain than Yassine Cheuko. And if you look closely, you might just find the similarities between Taylor’s Halloween look to that of Messi’s former Argentinian colleague Higuain, for real.