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From Scanning Restaurants to Catching Jerseys: 5 Ways Lionel Messi’s Bodyguard Protects Him Around the Clock

From Scanning Restaurants to Catching Jerseys: 5 Ways Lionel Messi’s Bodyguard Protects Him Around the Clock

It is no lunacy for the fans of Messi’s new club, Inter Miami, to be bamboozled by his presence at the club. This is a chance for them to be part of the last flickering lights of Messi’s golden-laden with goals and trophies career.

Messi’s arrival at Inter Miami has prompted Miami supporters to make their presence felt, often, in a moment of love rushing through their veins, young boys would run up to him, for a picture or an autograph, or to simply touch, to be sure, the man is indeed real.

It is all very romantic of course, but in practical life, such activities can often be associated with danger, particularly for someone of the stature of Messi. So, now, he has a new bodyguard, to help him navigate all the love. This new bodyguard’s vigilance at work has become the talk of the town.

The bodyguard of Messi’s in question is Yassin Chuako, an ex-MMA fighter and an ex-soldier of the United States.

He has served in both Iraq and Afghanistan, two of the most crucial bases of enemy states in recent American military history. Yassin is a hard and serious man, his ripped gym figure, is evidence, of that.

Military personnel are known for their commitment to their work, Yassin Chuako, is a solid proof of the saying, in as accurate a sense as possible. He is running up and down the pitch, always on the lookout to protect Lionel from any sort of nuisance.

It is natural for Messi to be always the center of the talking point and attention, but rarely has ever been anyone’s bodyguard this much up to their task and caught eyeballs besides the global celebrity they are working for.

If Messi is the greatest in the ball game, Chuako might be the greatest in the business of protection. His ever alarming always in the lookout for any potential harm has been caught on camera a plethora of times, and Messi fans are in love with how much passionate he is in the task of working for their beloved footballer.

What are the ways he is performing his duties for the much-beloved footballer?

1: He scans restaurants before Lionel arrives.

In one instant, Yassin was caught scanning the restaurant, before Messi, came to visit. He was recorded walking down the street where the restaurant was located looking at the area for any potential cause of possible nuisance when the man himself comes in.

2: He is running down the wings alongside Messi, albeit on the other side of the white line.

It is a common sight these days, in every Inter-Miami, game, Chuako will be running down the wings and following Messi everywhere around the field. If he could cross the white line and be with Messi in the game, he would.

A young boy ran for his dreams, in between a game, to get a picture with Messi, Chuako swiftly averted the situation, he was there at the spot, before, even stewards present at the game could arrive.

Similar occurrences have taken place time and again.

Messi, scoring from a header, celebrated with his new teammates, when another pitch invader stormed in, hoping for a moment with the Argentine, Yassin again, was there doing his duty. He didn’t let the man, get anywhere close to Messi.

3: He catches any flying jerseys thrown in the direction of the Argentine.

Hell, he doesn’t even let jerseys thrown towards Messi, to distract him. In one instant, as Messi was making his way towards the stands, adoring fans, threw many jerseys as he was walking past.

Chuako made sure none of them fell anywhere close to Messi’s body. He was catching those jerseys as if his life was dependent on it. Chuako, is a man, indeed comprising of the valor, they talk about, describing military professionals.

4: He waits by the team bus waiting for Messi to get down, and then follows him.

The arrival of the team bus before games leads to a common sight of Chuako always either running behind Messi, or walking close by, as Messi makes his way inside the stadium, or, standing by the team bus, waiting for Messi to get down, and before he gets down, he is always scanning the minute details of every bit of every location.

5. Guardian Angel in Times of Fan Chaos

One would be forgiven to think, that Chuako, might be working harder than necessary, indeed the people he is trying his every second best, to stop from reaching Lionel, are all just adoring fans, perhaps still not quite in terms with the fact, he is playing for Inter Miami. There can be the obvious other feeling as well, of showmanship involved with the way Chuako, is seemingly working.

Yassin’s activities though are essentially what is required, Messi’s arrival at Inter Miami had resulted in a situation of fans thronging to get a glimpse of the Argentine from as near as possible. The overbearing crowd could have seriously harmed Messi, even with the chance of causing serious injuries.

Chuako, despite, all his abilities, had a hard time, by the looks of it, getting Messi inside the car. Thankfully, he was safe, but such instances provide the reason why such attentiveness is required every moment for Yassin’s work.