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Maddison and Sterling may Shine, but Phil Foden Reigns Supreme in the FPL Midfielder Market

Maddison and Sterling may Shine, but Phil Foden Reigns Supreme in the FPL Midfielder Market

Kneejerk is the devil word following the lives of every engaged manager in Fantasy Premier League. In the week leading up to game week three, much had been talked about Phil Foden. Comparisons were done between Foden, Alvarez, and Jackson, all in the picture.

Fantasy players with Maddison in their squads had even transferred Foden, in place of the Spurs midfielder owing to the likely injury that was known regarding Maddison at the time.

The new owners could not have had a worse start to begin life with Foden in their squads for the new season. Hours to go for Manchester City’s game to start, news broken in about Foden’s illness and that he has traveled separately from the squad.

The misery was further compounded by Sterling’s nineteen-point haul and Maddison’s ten points. They were essentially the players in direct competition with the Foden spot, when things went into disarray, it meant a rank drop for Fantasy players who had trusted in Phil.

Kneejerk has since taken place, West Ham’s fixture against Luton Town, even though they will be facing Liverpool and Manchester City soon after, and their victory against Brighton has suddenly made Bowen an option.

Sterling and Maddison have become the primary candidates evoking discussions in the blind alleyways of FPL communities where conversations happen. Foden seems to have taken a backseat, no thanks to his illness, in the weekend gone by.

He has though, even, in a brief substitute appearance finished the game with an assist, albeit an extremely dodgy one, but an assist, nonetheless. On a further serious note, Manchester City face, Fulham at home, West Ham United away, Forest at home, and Wolves away, in their next four fixtures.

These are games with a player of the capability of Foden, who can easily finish with a couple of goals and assists.

Any concerns regarding minutes seem to be a bit overdone when it comes to Foden for now, mainly till De Bruyne comes back.

Foden has been operating behind Haaland, the Newcastle match was a prime showcase of his role in the team, of being the chief creator. New signing Doku’s heat map, at his former club, Rennais, is the definition of the position, a winger holds.

If either Bernardo Silva or Doku starts from the first minute, it is likely plausible, they will be starting in the Alvarez spot, rather than Foden’s.

Foden sits eleventh in the midfielder’s xGi table with an xGi of 0.67. The numbers are there, Foden has shown good form, which is evidenced by his numbers and the fixtures are there to further solidify his case.

The only caveat will probably be when the Champions League starts, but even then, as mentioned, given Foden’s position in the team, it is hard to see Foden not starting league games.

There might be a chance if City plays a tough opponent in the group, but he will be expected to come off the bench in such an anomaly.