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Top 5 FPL Midfield Assets We Can Vouch For Before GW4

Top 5 FPL Midfield Assets We Can Vouch For Before GW4

This week in Fantasy Premier League has all the potential of that dreaded variance affecting the ranks of managers. Midfielders at the start of the season were predicted to have their say. It is only game week three and midfielders are all that are preoccupying our minds as Fantasy Premier League players.

A Plethora of ardent discussions have taken place in every nook and alley of the corners of different FPL communities, concerning which payers to buy which players to not buy, and most importantly which players to sell.

A multitude of options has the capability of making a person’s mind go haywire. The searing amount of information accompanied by the golden rule of not making early transfers before the press conference can, when the transfer button is put to use, lead to last-minute unsure ideas and therefore lead to mistakes.

A ranking of the prevalent midfielders most popular in the buying transfer market arenas will perhaps come in handy, when such last-minute confusion, hits the fans.

These rankings might shift concerning team dependency, budget in hand, the number of transfers, and players from particular teams. This is rather an overview of the players outside of the constrictions mentioned.

1. Phil Foden

Foden has been garnering much love from Fantasy players ever since his true inclusion in the Manchester City squad. Historically, outside spurts of points, Foden’s lack of continuous place in the starting eleven for City has meant his stocks as a Fantasy player have dwindled over the years as well. So much so, at the start of the campaign, Foden was hardly anywhere near the conversation of midfielders, but things in football are changing by the moment, as they write. Whether true or not, Foden, courtesy of the injury to De Bruyne coupled with his form, might finally be playing in the season, he has been waiting for, in the past few years.

Manchester City, in general, this season, is on paper at least not filled with the superstars of players, Etihad is used to, in the past decade. The departure of Mahrez and Gundogan, and as already been written, De Bruyne’s injury has meant, playing options for Guardiola, is light in midfield. These factors have coincided with Foden starting behind Haaland, in his natural position. In the past, Foden has played on the wings, and in central midfield, and his lack of defensive abilities had left Pep frustrated. In his natural position, he flourished against Newcastle, creating seven chances on the day. It is hard to see him getting dropped for a streak of matches, despite the new signings. He remains the best option to buy this week.

2. James Maddison

Maddison, in Fantasy Premier League, has the same price as Foden, and one can argue, there are many similarities in their careers. His career at Leicester was as much of success as much a story of injuries and frustratingly losing form for long streaks of the season.

Maddison’s arrival at Spurs, the departure of Kane, and the playing style of new head coach, Ange Postecoglou, have made him the talisman for his new side. He is playing behind the striker, primarily Richarlison, joining him in the front, as the second striker, linking up play.

Spurs’s attacking displays are all passing with Maddison as the chief orchestrator of the moves. It seems he, similar to Foden, is playing in the season, being the player, he was always touted as could be. There is an outside chance, he can be on penalties, though Son is likely to be the favorite, but there is a chance, he is second in order.   

There is just too much to like about Maddison, the fixtures are there, to go with the form, Maddison sits fifth in the xGi midfielders table with an xGi of 1.03. He is on set pieces, and Spurs are team always looking to find the back of the net under Postecoglou. If he stays fit, Maddison could be a seasonkeeper.

While Foden’s fixtures and playing for Manchester City behind Haaland have the probable likelihood of scoring in a couple of double-figure hauls. Maddison’s returns will seemingly tend to be a case of steady Eddie, playing behind a struggling Richarlison, and so, Maddison is second to Foden, for these reasons.

3. Raheem Sterling

Sterling, despite all the narratives, surrounding him, of not being a good finisher, at Manchester City had seasons of fifteen-plus goals with assists in double figures. In his first season at Chelsea, he could only notch up six goals.

It was as much a reflection of Chelsea’s team performance in general, but the popular narrative was, that Sterling, similar to so many players blossoming early in their careers, would probably have a faster end, than players playing deep in their late thirties in comparison.

Pochettino’s arrival at Chelsea since then has seen a sort of revival of sorts. Sterling was recently quoted as saying, “It is a target I had to set for myself, being Chelsea’s top scorer this season, something I know I can do. If I am 100% at something, I know what I can do, and that’s what I am doing this year, just 100% focus on scoring goals and helping my team.”

If his words are anything to go by, and they are replicated on the pitch, Sterling, given his price value in FPL, playing for Chelsea, has the hallmarks of being a great option.

He comes third in this list, for a couple of reasons, and no,  he has only scored against Luton Town, he won’t be scoring again anytime soon, is a lazy narrative. Sterling showed signs of form against West Ham, certainly as well.

Sterling is a ninety-minute man, and his minutes, are under no threat, these are adding further value, the caveat though remains, as is seen historically, Sterling could be a streaky player, he has games where he can go absolutely cold, given the number of options in midfield, Fantasy players might opt for Jackson, instead of him, to free up spots for other midfielders.

His statistics showcase, he will nicely tick along and will justify his price, but it is unlikely he is going to break the game, for managers opting to go without him.

4. Bryan Mbeumo

Mbeumo started the season with all the glitz and glory of a premium option in the Fantasy Premier League. Fantasy players starting their campaign with him have been gifted with a high early rank boost.

The fixtures are still good with Brentford playing Bournemouth next at home, and Mbeumo remains thus a good option.

His fourth number in this list is largely owing to the other midfielders in general, named before him, having a simply higher ceiling. This by no means indicates he is a sale, for any Fantasy manager with him in their squads, but he is not a must-buy either.

There are other players with a greater pedigree who might match and outdo the damage Mbeumo has caused early in the season. For managers looking to buy him, he will nicely tick along, but unless there are a couple of penalties, hauls might be few and far between.

5: Jarrod Bowen

Bowen has somehow made his way into the list. He is the perfect candidate for anyone looking to wildcard in the international break. Luton Town playing at home for the first time might be an entirely different proposition. Kenilworth Road will be up for the game. Ham faces Liverpool and Manchester City post-game week four. Bowen for long-term planning is not a buy.