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Phil Foden gets into ugly fight during high profile boxing match in Manchester

Phil Foden gets into ugly fight during high profile  boxing match in Manchester

A newly surfaced video that has been doing the rounds online featuring Manchester City star Phil Foden has led to plenty of speculation from fans. In the video, Foden and his mother looked to be involved in an altercation with a group of scousers. 

The incident looks to have taken place during the boxing event between Amir Khan and Kell Brook at the AO Arena in Manchester.

The City star can be seen rushing into a room backstage as things get out of hand when he gets called a “c#nt” by someone in a group of scousers. 

Naturally, the 21-year-old looked to be offended by the language and so was his girlfriend Rebecca Cooke, who then blasts back at the offenders. 

Shortly after, Foden’s mother Claire can be seen charging out of the room furiously and even shoving one of the scousers. 

In response, the man smacks her on the head and a member of Foden’s security detail rushes out to dissolve the violence. 

Claire continues to charge at the group and the scenes get even more heated. Phil himself appears out of the room and looks to land a jab on one of the men, he’s quickly restrained by Rebecca, who calls out his name multiple times. 

The violence doesn’t end there and Foden’s security guard even hurls a fire extinguisher at the scousers after which the video ultimately concludes. 

The x-rated incident has shocked many online, and some even assumed that it occurred right after Manchester City’s late defeat against Spurs, a game in which Foden started. 

However, these claims were soon shot down, as users pointed out the absence of Foden’s new face tattoo, one which he revealed this month. 

But new evidence has popped up that suggests that the incident did indeed take place last night.