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The Surprising Connection Between Fulham and Arsenal AFTV Regular Ty Has No Clue About

The Surprising Connection Between Fulham and Arsenal AFTV Regular Ty Has No Clue About

Premier League fans must be familiar with AFTV (Arsenal Fan TV) host Robbie Lyle. A very likable character, Robbie is known for bringing pragmatic dialogue into a conversation and doesn’t stand for arrogance.  

The above statement is validated again as Robbie shows Ty his place by calling him an “arrogant football fan” after he tries to belittle Fulham F.C.  

Robbie sets the record straight

Football was always for its fans. It’s the unconditional relationship between a team and its fans that made the game a theatre of passion, ecstasy, and respect. However nowadays, especially in the age of quick results and conditioned relationships, the devotion between the fans and their team seems a little stained.  

While having their normal football discussions on the AFTV, Ty and Robbie got into a heated argument, as Ty called Fulham a small club as they didn’t win anything.  

His exact words were, “Who would wanna be a football fan, what have they done, who are they, what have you won, nothing”

These words didn’t sit quite well with Robbie, as we quickly interrupted by saying, “Behave yourself and have respect for them. It doesn’t matter what they have done, it’s one of the oldest clubs in the football league. That is a club with a lot of traditions, they have got a really strong fan base, who have followed them through thick and thin. Just that a club hasn’t won anything, doesn’t mean that it’s not a great club, that doesn’t mean it’s not an outstanding club, doesn’t mean that fans can’t follow that club. You are too arrogant. I’ll tell you once and for all, you are very arrogant football fan”.  

Seems like Robbie is one of us and has spoken on behalf of every true football fan.  

However, this is not the first time Ty disrespected Fulham fans and their supporters. During the post-match interview following Arsenal’s game against Fulham last weekend, Ty looked upset with the results as Arsenal drew 2-2 at home, and said, “We had so many chances against these nobodies”.  

The interviewer gave a dissatisfied reaction to Ty’s comment, and although Robbie, who was also present, laughed at these comments, he wasn’t having any of those lightly when Ty spoke like that again on Arsenal Fans TV.  

Why AFTV Regular Ty Needs a Lesson in Football History, Particularly Fulham’s Role in Saving Arsenal

Pretty sure Ty isn’t aware of a piece of information that will prevent him or any Arsenal fans from bad-mouthing Fulham.  

In the year 1910, during the era when Arsenal was referred to as Woolwich Arsenal, the club encountered significant financial turmoil that ultimately led to its decision for voluntary liquidation. 

Henry Norris, the then chairman of Fulham FC would not only come to its rescue but also buy the majority stake of the club. He also proposed merging both Fulham and Arsenal although FA rejected the proposal.  

Norris would Norris would convince the locals to buy shares at the club by bringing back Jack Humble, Woolwich Arsenal’s first-ever chairman. Later he would pay the majority of the debts, including a huge debt concerning the Manor Ground, and also paid the player’s fees.  

Ultimately, Henry Norris would save Arsenal from Bankruptcy and later with his own money, would build the legendary Highbury stadium, the ground where Arsenal was crowned the Invincibles.  

All thanks to him Arsenal would become one of England’s greatest-ever clubs.