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Romelu Lukaku Puts Moneybagg Yo Lyrics on His IG Bio Once Again

Romelu Lukaku Puts Moneybagg Yo Lyrics on His IG Bio Once Again

Belgian striker, Romelu Lukaku has been a controversial player all his career. But his ability with the ball have helped him countless times. Lukaku’s career has not been a smooth ride.

He’s been transferred so many times, he no longer has a club he can call or feel to be his home. He recently updated his bio on Instagram. But what does he mean by it? Why are fans talking about it?

Lukaku had made terrible decisions in the past four years that have permanently damaged him and his career. He went from Manchester United to Chelsea and had a falling out with the management. He struggled at Chelsea to find goals and fit with the style of play at Chelsea. But since, he’s an expensive player, Chelsea loaned him out to Inter Milan. But once he moved to Inter, he burned bridges with Chelsea.

He did this by posting on Instagram with the caption “I’ma probably show you I’m solid first and if the energy ain’t right I’ma show you how easy it is to cut ties, no more tries… Gone” lyrics from Moneybagg Yo’s song ‘Scorpio’. This post became a talking point among fans last year when he suggested, to him cutting ties Chelsea is easy. Fans and management were upset and angry at him.

He then did the same at Inter Milan, where despite his poor performance fans supported him, but he tried to negotiate a deal with Juventus under the table. This betrayal and negotiation with Inter’s rivals enraged fans. He was not welcome at both Inter and Chelsea. He was then rescued by Roma coach, Jose Mourinho who brought him to Roma, where he is succeeding.

But now fans have noticed that Lukaku updated his bio again with the same lyrics from Moneybagg Yo’s ‘Scorpio’. Fans are wondering if what Lukaku means by this bio change.

Some are speculating that Lukaku is already unhappy at Roma and wants to leave for Saudi Arabia for more money. While some other fans have called him out for being immature despite being a thirty-year-old man. Fans also criticised him for using those lyrics as his behaviour mirrors to that fifteen-year-olds. Some have blamed him for causing issues with every club he played for.

This also came on the heels of Roma losing 2-0 to Slavia Praha in the Europa League, where he failed to score.