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LFC Twitter Reacts to Uncharacteristic Mohamed Salah Outburst

LFC Twitter Reacts to Uncharacteristic Mohamed Salah Outburst

Mo Salah is one of the calmest, collected individuals on and off the field, no matter what match it is, or which league it is, he never loses his cool with another player.

So, it comes as a shock for many fans to see Mo Salah visibly go against his calm demeanor all of a sudden.

This incident took place in a World Cup qualifier match between Egypt and Djibouti, fellow African nation. The match ended with Mo Salah finding the back of the net four times to put Egypt to a 6-0 victory.

So, what exactly happened that made Salah lose his cool all of a sudden? Is this a first time for Mo Salah? Or has this happened before?

During the match Djibouti’s defender, Moussa Hamadou fought off Salah from winning a corner and made it a goal kick.

Salah was upset but things got heated after the defender tried to get in Salah’s way. This created a situation where they started shoving each other. The referee had to get in the middle and intervene.

The referee pushed Salah away from Hamadou to stop situation from escalating. This is completely out of character for Mo Salah as normally he is always the coolest person on the ground.

He has shown his dissatisfaction at some refereeing decisions in the past but getting into a feud with a player was never Salah’s nature.

Fans have taken to X, to share their theories on Mo Salah’s unexpected change. They believe that Salah is showing more passion than before because he is playing for country and that is where his flair comes from.

While others asked what the defender exactly said to Salah, that triggered him to respond in this manner.

Some jokingly credited this newfound aggression to his Liverpool teammate, Darwin Nunez, suggesting Nunez’s personality rubbed off on Salah.

However, this is not the first time, Salah lost his calm demeanor. He had lost it once last year, when Liverpool faced off against Manchester City, where Bernardo Silva and Salah got into a fight, after Silva fouled Salah, pushing him down.

It was so sudden and unexpected that Virgil Van Dijk and other players had to intervene in order to defuse the situation.

This comes at a perfect time as Liverpool goes head-to-head with Manchester City at the end of the month possibly reigniting that rivalry between Salah and Silva.