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Photo Mixup between Tomori and Guehi Cannot Be Ignored

Photo Mixup between Tomori and Guehi Cannot Be Ignored

The other day, ‘The Independent’ wrote an article on Marc Guéhi, the English center back where he was interviewed by the British publisher.

But the article was criticized upon its publishment as ‘The Independent’ used a picture of Fikayo Tomori instead of Marc Guéhi.

Fikayo Tomori is a fellow English center back and this mistake from a major news publisher received backlash on X.

People on X can’t believe that black people getting mistaken for another person is still happening in 2023.

They are criticizing the incompetence of The Independent to actually do research before publishing it.

They have also accused the news organization of click baiting for views and reach. If this is the case and if ‘The Independent’ did so on purpose, then it becomes incredibly offensive and racist.

People of color gets mistaken all the time, but famous people getting mistaken is getting rarer and rarer as social media and the internet allows people to double check and confirm.

There are several instances of mistakes where one person was mistaken for the other.

The Herald mistakenly printing out a picture of rapper, Stormzy instead of Lukaku is a recent one, where the Scottish newspaper failed to do their basic research.

These situations lead to awkward exchange including correcting them and an apology from news outlet.

If it was a time before the internet these kinds of mistakes could be excused. But it’s not, world has changed, and everyone has multiple means to check facts and correct and educate themselves.

This is what people on X can’t believe, a simple Google search could have fixed the whole situation but unfortunately it took some backlash for them to go back and rewrite and update the original article to include Marc Guéhi’s picture.