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Ruben Dias Drops Fluffy Look for Skin Fade Haircut and Erling Haaland Can’t Get Enough of It

Ruben Dias Drops Fluffy Look for Skin Fade Haircut and Erling Haaland Can’t Get Enough of It

Manchester City might have had a slow start to their campaign, but they have finally found their stride.

Amidst this, their captain, Ruben Dias, has also decided to make a contribution, but not on the field. Off of it, with a new look.

Last year, if you go through the galleries of Manchester City when they won the treble, you can see all the photos of the center-back in a simple side-parted short hair look.

But maybe he was on a lookout for a fashion experiment as he did let his hair grow out since then.

In his recent photos, you can clearly see the difference.

Dias’s hair did grow quite a bit, and it looked way too fluffy on top. Moreover, the sides seemed to be out of shape as well. The entire thing was just as messy as it can get.

Ruben may have embraced his new appearance, but it seems his teammates were not entirely on board. It was evident when Ruben Dias finally gave in and posted the photo flaunting his new look with the caption “addressed.”

Dias has taken to his go-to Northern Quarter barber shop to undergo a major hair transformation ahead of the season deciding second-half of his schedule. Not gonna lie, he looks quite the stud now.

Manchester City captain has gone back to his customary short hair. He has taken a significant length off the top and complemented it perfectly with a medium skin fade for his new sharp look.

But by the looks of it, his fellow teammate Erling Haaland seems to be more excited about this transformation than Ruben himself.

Although Haaland has earned a fashion reputation for his shoulder-length hairstyle, it was clear how long he had anticipated to see his captain in this short hairstyle.

In quiet ecstasy, Erling Haaland took to his captain’s Instagram photo to comment, ‘Yeaaaaah finally,’ followed by quite a few high-five and bicep emojis.

If Manchester City indeed lifts their 2nd consecutive treble, we can say one thing for sure – we are never going to see Ruben Dias in a longer hairstyle ever again.