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Diogo Jota Nails the Casual Look in Blue Adidas Hoodie – Here’s What it Costs

Diogo Jota Nails the Casual Look in Blue Adidas Hoodie – Here’s What it Costs

As Liverpool return to training ahead of their away clash in the weekend against Brentford, a picture of Diogo Jota sporting a blue Adidas printed hoodie and complementing blue Adidas sneakers has caught the attention of the internet.

Fans have been talking about the vibe of simplicity that had been oozing out of the forward as was seen stepping in the building at Kirkby, – a stark contrast to the extravagant designer brands that football players mostly love to sport while entering the training arena.

Some have even talked about how Jota still uses an android phone, as seen from the picture.

The forward has scored 12 goals in 36 appearances in this season so far, despite being out for muscle injuries a few times. The Portuguese forward have been used in a rather versatile way by the Klopp, whose tenure at the club comes to an end with the season’s curtain call. He has played as a Left-winger, Right-winger and Centre Forward for the Reds this season.

While the fans were sulking over the departure of Sadio Mane in 2022, it was a young Jota who brought back the vibrancy in the Left-wing with the likes of Nunez or Gakpo in the centre and Salah in the Right-wing.

Fans wonder if they could get hands on the vibrant blue hoodie that Jota wore to training

A quick Google search would suggest the hoodie that has been the center of attention is available in the international online portals under the tag of adidas Z.N.E. ALLOVER PRINT FAST-RELEASE. It is sold by the likes of and However, the item, due to its rising demand has quickly been sold out. Fans might have to wait while the item returns to the portals.

An alternative to the one worn by Jota

Some of the online portals also have a black and white version of the hoodie available for the customers. Some might find the black and white version more appealing for its stone cold demeanour.

While have marked the hoodie at 108.09 USD, have marked the same at 81.20 Sterling Pounds.

Liverpool do look forward to a win at the away clash at Brentford this weekend. While it remains to be seen whether the gaffer adds Jota to the starting 11, fans are bound to focus on the blue hoodie by Adidas until then.