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Binance CEO shows the unique invitation Liverpool sends to its potential partners

Binance CEO shows the unique invitation Liverpool sends to its potential partners

In the modern day era, football is more than just a game. It is a business. Evolving from the action on the pitch, football has grown into an empire outside of football; expanding into various fields such as marketing, finance and healthcare to name a few.

With football growing rapidly into virtually every field, Liverpool now seem to have made strides into crypto-currency, as they sent out an invitation to Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao.

The Chinese-Canadian businessman posted on his Twitter recently a video of the invitation he received from Liverpool. It’s fair to say that he was impressed by style if the invite he received.

The invitation itself was extremely innovative. It paired vintage with new-age. The invitation itself was housed in a red enveloped, with the front of it showcasing Liverpool’s logo and their motto, “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. Once the envelope is opened, there is a screen which plays a video message and there are control buttons for pause/play and volume adjustment.

The video starts with a tribute to a potential partnership with Liverpool, with Liverpool’s logo paired with Binance’s. It is then followed by a voice-over by Reds manager Jurgen Klopp uttering the words, “We are Liverpool. This means more.” The video message is also paired with a handwritten note by Liverpool’s partnership development manager, Marcel Weigmann, and is duly signed off by him.

The message on the note was clear; as Liverpool looked to explore partnership opportunities in detail with Binance. Earlier, Liverpool had sent out a similar invitation to Justin Sun, who is the CEO of the TRON foundation, for reasons similar to that mentioned in the message on the handwritten note.

Liverpool are pushing themselves to the limit in the league, giving it their all as they chase their first title in the PL era. With brilliant, technologically adept yet personally addressed invites such as the one’s sent out to Zhao and Sun, Liverpool are also pushing the frontiers of innovation and partnership opportunities to another level.